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How did we choose between Unreal and Unity, the only two engines that are up to this task.

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When we started developing Army of Pixels, we all agreed that we need the very best engine for our game. Highly realistic, cutting edge graphics and elaborate effects are the trademark of our company; we can't afford to lose fans due to a sub-standard engine solution.

Choosing an engine is a hard work, but someone has to do it. Everyone knows, that the only two engines capable doing a game of this magnitude are Unity and Unreal. But which one gives us the highest graphical quality, the absolute best of the best?

Initially, we were thinking about Unreal engine, because the Paris scene tech demo was very lifelike. The problem with that tech demo, that it is not fantasy at all! We don't want to do some boring hotel room, we want a field with warriors running around and deadly spells ripping the ground to shreds! So - even that we know that Unreal is great for visualization projects - we ultimately decided against it. Next time, Unreal!

Unity, on the other hand, is really what we needed. Developing in Unity is like being a rock star! Sharp pixels shine in the dark, collide with each other in perfect harmony, sweet melodies (that can be muted in the editor!), oh yeah the editor, with its beautiful light grey coloring, this is what we need. This is what we chose. This is our destiny.

Ultimately, choosing Unity was the right decision. The whole team is super excited about the project. So here is our first screenshot. We all can see that it was well worth the wait.

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