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Good day! The game was moved to the new engine, more precisely on the Unreal Engine 4! Now the game will look a little better. Why I moved to another engine? Read below. (There will be a little spoilers, do not read if you do not want to know what will happen in the game)

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If you're reading this then you're wondering why I suffered the same game engine with RDCEngine on the engine Unreal Engine 4. It all happened because of the fact that my PC (very powerful) showed 17 frames per second. I believe that this optimization in the game just awful! The game will be a little better graphics, improved physics, improved door opening (without the bug with the passage through the door) and infinite flashlighter.

The beginning of the game you will provide a flashlight and matches for candles, candles scare the inhabitants of this ship (or rather light deters inhabitant).
When you start the game you can be trained in teaching you will learn everything you can dweller. If you want to skip the parrot training, if the same will want to beat the game then look full training.

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