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Woomeister, Inferno's Project Leader, just announced an upgrade of S:AH!

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This is no joke! Check out Woomeister's post on Hard-Light Productions, INFSCP and INFASA's profiles here on ModDB to learn more about the news! You can also find four screenshots showing various parts of the campaign there.

From Woomeister's post:

Sol: A History-U
The Sol: A History upgrade will be fully
compatible with INF-U and run from it's own mod folder. The campaign
remains mostly untouched but with addition of new ship classes and only 1
slight mission change
- FS1 era ships including the Apollo and Angel
INFASA ships introduced in the later chapters to supplement the older
Fenris and Hercules, this includes ships like the Latona, Callisto,
Antaeus and Ethon

The campaign storyline remains unchanged and
the only thing edited are ship types and the weapons available due to
the R1 versions of weapons not being included. It's being produced as
S:AH was probably the most popular none INF Team made campaign produced
for INFR1 and we didn't want it to be obsolete. And no this doesn't
mean INFA is cancelled as this isn't designed to replace it in the

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