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Discover the "Unity"'s Update #33. Second part of upgrade maps.

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Discover additions and modifications of the Update “Unity” #33.


  • Particule Effect: New Effect for Sapper.
  • Particule Effect: New Effect for vehicles and drones health.
  • Particule Effect: Rework effect for medic.
  • Strategic Point: Fix bug color attribution.
  • Command: Add command to active/disabled Pause Menu with Escape.
  • Main Menu: Add Tutorial in the Campaign Panel.
  • Skirmish: 2 new colors.



  • Vehicles: Fix bug with the attack in movement. Now vehicle don't stop to move when they detect an enemy unit.
  • Vehicles: Change reaction time from 2 sec to 1 sec.
  • Medic: Fix bug.
  • Medic: Health only infantry.
  • Sapper: New Healer, health vehicles and drones.
  • Technician RU: Fix available buildings in Age 2 and 3.


  • Tents: Fix description with new cost.


  • Train Station: Upgraded.
  • Train Station: Delete 2 Strategic Points.
  • Brabruysk: Upgraded.
  • Land of Deads: Upgraded.
  • Land of Deads: Delete 2 Strategic Points.
  • Land of Deads: Rework Skirmish Mission.
  • Crossroad: Upgraded. Field: Upgraded.
  • Poland Border: Fix Orange cover area.


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