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You need to destroy buildings to collect the chests! You got limited time, limited ammo, so let's see you can finish those levels!

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Hello guys and welcome to update #1 of Pirate Treasure!

Pirate Treasure is a 3d puzzle platformer where you need to destroy buildings to get the gold!

Currently there is only one bullet, the basic bullet. The basic bullet can destroy the light wood in 2 times and the dark wood in four times.

Also there is currently only 1 world, the forest (jungle). In this world there will be only wood structures!

The timer is also a big part in the game!

You need to finish the level within the time, if you shoot the last bullet you have only 30 seconds left.

With this I want to make sure people will play the level fast and don't wacht for hours at the same level!

This project started first as a 10 Hours timelapse project, but because so many people liked it I build further and here it is! The first update of Pirate Treasure!


Update 1:

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