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A brief overview of the recruitable "House Lannister" units.

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overview of house lannister:
• Light troops - Short recruitment times; weak strength, weak defence, weak armour and poor moral. Cheap.
• Heavy troops - Long recruitment times; great strength, good armour and good moral. Costly.

• Light ranged - short recruitment times; short ranged, weak melee and weak ranged, poor moral. Cheap.
• Heavy ranged - long recruitment times; long ranged, okay melee and great ranged attack, good moral. Costly.
• Crossbowmen - normal recruitment times; short ranged, okay melee and good ranged attack, good moral. Costly.

• Light cavalry - normal recruitment times; weak armour, weak attack, weak charge. Cheap.
• Heavy cavalry - long recruitment times; good armour, great attack, okay charge. Costly.

Melee units:

Westerlands Swordsmen

• Westerland Swordsmen - a low tier melee unit recruitable early on. Okay attack and poor defence, usually make up the bulk of the army.

Westerland Spearmen

• Westerland Spearmen - used mainly in the vanguard of the Lannister armies, they have an okay defence and a poor attack.

Westerland Pikemen

• Westerland Pikemen - can hold a line almost as well as spearmen but, like spearmen, they can not deal as much damage. Bonus against cavalry. Okay defence, excellent against cavalry and poor attack.

Westerlands Halberds

• Westerland Halberds - similar to pikemen but deal a larger amount of damage. Okay attack, good defence and excellent against cavalry.

Lannister Swordsmen

• Lannister Swordsmen - recruitable in all Lannister owned castles. An alternative to westerland swordsmen, they are better armed and armoured. Great attack, good defence. Can form a schilitrom to defend from all sides.

Lannister Spearmen

• Lannister Spearmen - recruitable in all Lannister owned castles, their equipment is better than standard troops. Great defence, good attack. Can form a shield wall to increase defence.

• {other region specific units} - Perhaps later on i will add region specific units that will look very similar but the stats change according to where it is they are from.

Ranged units:

Westerland Archers

• Westerland Archers - untrained, poorly armed and poorly armoured. short ranged, abysmal melee, poor ranged attack and poor defence.

Westerland Longbowmen

• Westerland Longbowmen - poorly trained but better armed than the standard archers. Slightly longer ranged, poor defence and poor attack.

Westerland Crossbowmen

• Westerland Crossbowmen - Cheap equipment and poorly trained. Long reload time, short ranged, okay melee and ranged attack. Poor defence.

Mounted units:

Westerland Cavalry

• Westerland Cavalry - riders who are equipped with weak horses and bad equipment. Poor attack, poor charge, poor defence.

Westerland Knights

• Lannister Knights - castle bred stallions and castle forged steel, the knights are renown for there skill in battle. Great attack, good charge, good defence and can form wedge.

Knights of the Rock

• Knights of lannisport/the rock - Knights who have sworn to give their life to the house Lannister and are trained everyday. Great attack, great charge and great defence.

NOTE: The models are not made by me, I've taken them from another mod called "Game of thrones 4.0".


Looks great! Can't think of any regional units for the Westerlands (aside from maybe a joke "miner w/ pickaxe" unit ala the Dwarves from TATW lol). Keep up the great work!

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You could add units like mountaineers or lannisport marines for variety.

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I'm curious to see the range of units that could be introduced mods like these.
Every GoT mod in the past has had all the units as the same guys, just different colors and shields.
Always hoped we could get some Bear Island heavy infantry, Northern Hill Clan warriors, Dreadfort Longswords, Whiteharbor Knights, and Crannogmen archers.

I mean, there's so many possibilities with unique region units!
Blackwood archers, Bracken cavalry, Clegane raiders, Gold-cloaks, Crakehall heavy infantry, Storm's End Infantry (with hammers like Robert), Dayne swordsmen. Or if someone could take what the guys from Third Age TW did with the trolls, and skin some giants for the Wildlings.
I've always been curious to see if someone could ever re-model the greek fire troops, or the grenadier soldiers from Med 2 into Pyromancers (complete with green flame wildfire).

Hope I'm not overwhelming anyone with these ideas, I'm just really excited for this mod lol

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