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2025 marked the beginning of Duayne McKong's presidency, a Patriot candidate who tried to save America from the crisis. However, due to severe econominc depression and constant Liberal disapproval, he couldn't fully achieve his goal. In the end, only coporations were able to withstand the market crash. A number of them, led by Aegis Systems and its CEO Francisco Sierra, fused together into the first megacorp, TernaWing. Producing one fourth of goods made in America, its influence was unrivaled.

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Year 2025 seemed to bring a fragile thaw in American politics under the guidance of president Duayne McKong, a Patriot candidate that managed to win by gaining crucial support from previously split centrists and market liberals bewildered after the previous administration. McKong swore to respect both Liberals and Patriots, but, most importantly, to cure the market after a major economic recession and to solve the oil crisis. Previous Liberal restrictions imposed on companies and lavish welfare programs effectively discouraged investors from pumping sweet sweet dollars into the less and less profitable industry.

The ‘Market Rejuvenation Act’ was supposed to salvage the situation before the global entrepreneurs pulled out of the USA completely. This managed to bring a costly short term solution, however, the damage would not be fully undone for years. These actions, of course, were continuously condemned by the core Liberals, who believed their restrictions were necessary to bring unbridled corporations into the mold and to redistribute their wealth.

Similarly, his attempts to combat high unemployment rate (peaking 19.7% in January 2027, the highest since the Great Depression) by funding private company workplace centers with state money were turned down by the far-left Liberal circles and dubbed “corporate labor camps” by their media. Not everyone had the luxury of being able to afford to turn down that offer.

There was only one benefactor in this common display of misery - corporations, who were too big to fall. They suffered from the market crash as well, but in the end, they were able to endure the shock, cutting corners wherever possible. With the majority of the smaller businesses bankrupt, the population had no one else to turn to. One man knew this far too well. A great mind of our times, Francisco Sierra, founder and CEO of Aegis Systems, weapons designer, philosopher, philanthropist, the person behind the Marshal Protocol deal with the US Army.

He convinced select titans of American industry to join forces in order to create an indomitable giant. The greatest merge of corporations in the history of capitalism, TernaWing - the name that would be printed on, engraved in or compiled into a quarter of all consumable goods manufactured in America by 2027. The gargantuan scale was almost unrivaled - TernaWing by itself could compete with Chinese factory collectives, some of which had production output higher than entire countries. This, of course, raised many concerns, but no legal action could threaten the megacorporation. Even president McKong could not dare to enforce anti-monopoly laws in a face-to-face meeting with Sierra. He knew how much America owed TernaWing, both figuratively and literally.

To be continued...

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