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A brief update concerning the mod's status. Cut and added contents, estimated release date, help request and more.

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Hello there!
Long time no see, huh...well, I took my time this year, since it was the year of my graduation from college.
Though the mod development went on...although at a slower pace.
Here's a little update on our progress:

We found a way to add proper reticles to tanks. This feature will enhance the player's immersion during the tank missions:

CoDUOSP 2018 06 28 19 30 50 37 shot2771

Here You can see all the new tanks and vehicles added in the mod by pcj27:

New map - Snow
In this map, the player will be an Italian soldier of the ARMIR in Russla, holding a small outpost near the Don river. It's basically a brief defense-type map featuring italian spoken dialogues and lines.

Call of Duty United Offensive S

Cut weapons:
Yes, we decided to cut some of the most "incomplete" content. Quality over Quantity is our motto, so we'd rather have less, better modelled and animated weapons than a lots of bad modelled and bad animated ones.

Here's the list of the cut weapons:
- MP41 (never officially adopted in the first place)
- Gewehr 41 (saw limited use)
- Mannlicher m1891 (Dutch resistance used british supplies during WWII)
- Thompson M1 (basically the reskin of the M1A1)
- Thompson M1928A1
- PPsh41 stick Mags (the animations for that weapon are too different from the stock ones)
- Carcano M38 da Cavalleria

New weapons:
The cuts come with the chance of adding new and more appropriate weapons:
- Thompson 1928 (in the hands of british soldiers)
- MP18
- Scoped Gewehr 43
- Scoped SVT 40
- Wz.29 rifle
- Wz.28 Automatic Rifle.
- Breda M38 Turret

New animations for the Lewig gun and the Deployed Bren:
Here are the WIP version of the custom animations for the Lewis and the Bren. They need minor tweaks, but the're "finished enough" for you to get the gist of them.

Now, time for the Bad News:
Antonio cannot be working on the mod anymore. He doesn't even have the time to send us the map file of Omaha for us to continue his work. We have two options: Give you an half-assed Omaha beach map, with tons of errors and in a pretty rough and unpolished state, OR we can start from scratch.
We choosed the second option.
That's why we need an experienced mapper who's willing to work with us on the mod.
if you are a good mapper and you're willing to participate on this mod's success, contact me here on moddb or at Please note that I will ignore any "I know a guy that can help you" or "I need help with this or that bug" kind of message.

If we manage to get a mapper by the end of the Summer, we think we'll be able to deliver this mod by february/march of 2019

Thanks for your support and Stay tuned!

-The United Fronts mod team

The_FreeMan141 - - 145 comments

Good luck, guys!

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Thorir - - 565 comments

Awsome news! I absolutely agree with cutting the mentioned weapons; I've even made a small minimod (only for personal use) to disable G41, since indeed it was barely used by the german troops. However I welcome the implementation of the MP18/28 and the M1928 Thompson for the british troops. This is a nice addition for the sake of realism.

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pehung - - 32 comments

Wish you guys tons of luck and a barrel of Vodka! For Victory!

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MCh2207Cz - - 2,073 comments

i think the best way for omaha is to drop it from campaign and keep the old version under bonus maps.

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Marcomix Author
Marcomix - - 662 comments

It's not that simple....the Omaha beach mission is probably the most important part of the mod. Actually, I started thinking about making the mod itself because there was a chance to create a good Omaha beach experience for CoD.
Let's face it: there's no such a good SP Omaha Beach mission in a CoD game, except for the one in CoD WWII (The pointe du hoc mission from cod2 doesn't count....hell, it's not even a "beach" mission, since the player stands on the beach for less than one minute!)
If we're talking about MoHAA, well, yeah...that game has got a "good" depiction of the omaha beach landing (though it ends too abruptly)... But bare in mind the limitations of that game...for example, the impossibility of aiming down the weapon sights or the very small number of soldiers on the beach.
Since I was little, I dreamed about playing a good D-Day mission in CoDUO or CoD2...So, having a good D-Day landing mission in this mod is something pretty important, I must say, it's the "beating core" and the "highest goal" of the mod.

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iron_wolf1898 - - 58 comments

Hi Marco, I think that the gewehr 41, the m1928a1 thompson and the mannlicher 95 should not be taken out of the game since the gewehr 41 was used extensively (not so much but if in a predetermined amount) on the eastern front against the soviets, the m1928a1 was very used by the american troops in the north of africa and until the end of the ww2 by the british and us army, I consider that the mannlicher 95 should leave it as a weapon for the dutch resistance and for some german soldiers as a captured weapon to the dutch army, because if we see many German troops were armed with this even in the Battle of Berlin was one of the most used rifles by the Volkssturm and the Wehrmacht. On the other hand congratulations for your graduation, it is something that is really hard to achieve and takes time and dedication

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MCh2207Cz - - 2,073 comments

i am not sure if it's worth it to pause the whole mod only for a single map.

second thing even if you find someone willing to make new omaha map - i don't think it will be done anytime soon. Antonio spent a hell lot of time on it. and since you don't have Antonio's source files - anyone wanting to make omaha from scratch will have to invest a lot of time doing the same thing over again.

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Marcomix Author
Marcomix - - 662 comments

you're will take some time. Not to mention, I haven't found anyone who's willing to do it.
Anyway, we've got plenty of time nontheless...djole is still working on the market garden mission (and a little, secret campaign...*ahem*)
The problem Antonio faced during the development of the map, like the dummies and such, have been solved. This should speed up the process.
Moreover, I plan on drawing a sort of "storyboard". The mapper will receive maximum support from me and the other guys in the mod's team.

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iron_wolf1898 - - 58 comments

I also thought you could add these 2 vehicles for the Russian campaign

for example the GAZ-57B with GS-43 MG and the BA-10 for the early war stages campaign

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Thorir - - 565 comments

How about adding Browning GP35 for the british/SAS missions? In CoD2 Back2Front mod it's available. How about contacting with it's author and implement it with his permission?

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El_Weppes - - 36 comments

the amount of missions in this mod is heartwarming :)

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N-O-N - - 32 comments

Leon Brinkmann is a very good CoD mapper. Check his mappack for CoD.

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