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Starting this week, we will be covering the features and abilities for each of our units from the Haagenti race. First up is the Thrasher! We'll also take a quick look at the work we've done for the navigation system for the level. And finally, we will learn more about how you can plan your base ahead of time and customize it to your liking. So let's get to it!

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Growing our Armies...

I hope everyone has been enjoying the more frequent updates. Things are ramping up and we'll have more and more to show you as time goes on. Development is getting closer to a demo, and in order for us to make a big splash, we need to grow our army. That's you! The more our community grows, the higher chance our game will succeed. So if you'd like to support Abatron, please vote for us for Indie of the Year! You may do so by going here: Abatron IndieDB Page We really appreciate it!

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Navigation Systems and Thanksgiving

Here in the U.S. we celebrated Thanksgiving, a time reserved for eating way too much food and enjoying time with friends and family. While some of our team members are not from the States, our game designer Devero is. So while most would have taken a small break from coding, Devero said "Nay! I cannot rest until the Foul Beast called "Navigation" has been dealt with!"


Here's a quick excerpt from the blog:

"NAVIGATION HIGHWAYS! When you have big boned units like the Rocketbelly, sometimes they can cause congestion when smaller units try to pass them. To solve this issue, we created a highway system, so that large units, medium units, and small units will each have their own lane to use when running across the level."

Read the rest here: BLOG!


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Quick, nimble, and deadly are all good words to describe the Thrasher. Although smaller in size, this creature should not be taken lightly. Here are a few reasons why:

Leap Attack: It's always good to be able to get the jump on someone, and the Thrasher is perfect for just that. After a quick charge up, this creature is able to leap towards his enemies, closing the distance between him and his prey quickly and effectivley. Once there...well, I wouldn't want to be on the other side of his claws.

Bone Piercing Claws: The Thrasher's claws are it's main source of damage. Long and extra sharp and combined with the Thrasher's quick movements, this guy can slice up your face faster than Edward Scissorhands.

Poison Spikes: You don't always want to to be in the thick of everything. Sometimes it's better to hang back and make attacks from a distance. This is where the Thrasher's poison spikes come into play. By shooting out spikes from the palm of his hand, the Thrasher will be able to damage enemies from afar and then let the poison do it's job.

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Planning your Base:

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On the RTS side of Abatron, planning your base is a bit unique. Instead having to wait until you have enough resources and then choosing which buildings you want to invest those resources in, you can simply choose all the buildings in advance. As you gain resources, they will be built in the order you placed them. If you decide you don't want a certain piece anymore, or accidentally picked something, you can always delete/destroy, or move buildings up and down on your pritorty list.

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Doing this allows for you to quickly set up your base, then focus on managing your troops. Or, jump into FPS mode and start leveling up as a hero! We want Abatron to be flexible and fun, and we thought this was a feature that would help with that.

Thanks for reading! And remember, if you're excited for Abatron and would like to see it get some more attention, please vote for us for Indie of the Year!

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