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Hey This is the suggested abilities for each of the factions

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This is the suggested abilities for each of the factions. Thoughts????

Death Glider - hunt
F-302 - hunt
Dart - lure
Alkesh - ion shot
Puddle Jumper - cloak
BC-304 - turbo
BC304 Mk2 - turbo
Old Hatak - Power to Weapons
Apophis Old Hatak - Cloak
New Hatak - Power to Weapons
Wraith Cruiser - heal?
Asgard Beliskner - Shields
Ori Warship - "rocket" main beam ability
Oniell - Shields
Carter - Shields
Wraith Hive - Heal?
Aurora - Drone Barrage
SG1 (alkesh) - Cloak
Mitchel - "rocket" Single beam weapon
Prometheus - turbo
Apophis - Barrage
Anubis - "rocket" plasma bolt out of top
Daedalus - Beam nuke
Thor - Sheilds
Repli-fighter - hunt
Repli-Spider - infest
Repli-Capital - infest

Star Wars
X-Wing - spoiler lock
Tie Interceptor - hunt
Tie Bomber - ion bomb
Y-Wing - ion bomb
V19 - hunt
Vulture Droid - spoiler lock
Jedi Fighter - invunerable?
Corellian Corvette - turbo
Acclamator Assault Ship - power to weapons
Interdictor Cruiser - missile jam, interdict
Broadside Class Cruiser - barrage
MC30 Frigate - cluster bomb
Alliance Assault Frigate - defend
Victory Destroyer - power to weapons
Nebulon B Frigate - defend
Calamari Cruiser - defend
Trade Federation Battleship - leach sheilds
Star Destroyer - tractor beam
Venator - cutting beam
Millennium Falcon - invunerable
Luke - Lucky Shot
Sundered Heart - weaken enemy
Yoda - defend
Home One - Defend
Accuser - tractor beam, power to weapons
Super Stardestroyer - barrage, power to weapons
StarViper_Squadron - hunt
Crusader Gunship - bribe
Kedalbe Battleship - bribe

Star Trek
Type 9 - hunt
Type 11 - hunt
Aero Shuttle - hunt
Danube - power to weapons
Heavy Danube - power to weapons
Constitution - turbo
Excelsior Lakota - turbo
Nebula - heal
Dominion Destroyer - power to weapons
L19 - cloak
Galaxy - defend
Intrepid - defend
Cardassian Keldon - barrage
Negh var (C9) - cloak
Romulan Warbird - power to weapons
Domian Capital Ship - full salvo
Excalibur - defend
Sovereign - defend
Borg Tact Cube - bribe
NX-01 - invunerable
Spock - Quantum torpedo shot
kirk - full salvo
Kruge BOP - cloak
voyager - defend
Defiant - cutting beam
Picard - Defend, Power to weapons

Viper Mk2 - hunt
Viper Mk7 - hunt
Old Cylon Raider - hunt
New Cylon Raider - hunt
Raptor - sensor ping
Heavy raider - ion attack
Firestar - jump
Tiger - jump
Max - cloak
Talos - jump, power to weapons
Defender - jump, power to weapons
Tantarus - jump, power to weapons
Attackstar - jump, ping
Valkyrie - jump, ping
Columbia - jump, power to weapons
Seraphin - jump, power to weapons
Bezerk - jump, barrage
Hades MK1 - jump, power to weapons
Mercury_Class - jump, barrage
New_Basestar - jump, power to weapons
The_Galactica - jump, fire nuke "rocket ability"
The Pegasus - jump, full salvo
Blackbird - cloak

Tac Fighter - spoiler_lock
Dragonfly - hunt
Interceptor - hunt
Zipfly - hunt
Wasp - hunt
Sicon - hunt
Neptune Corvette - turbo
Midway Destroyer - turbo
Reaper - poer to waepons
Darkling - cluster bomb
Scoproin - cluster bomb
Horned Devil - cluster bomb
Methuselah - full salvo
Alaska Heavycruiser - power to weapons
Blisterwing - cluster bomb
Geneva - power to weapons
Athena - power to weapons
Blackcorsair - cluster bomb
Saratoga - laser defense
Star Battleship - power to weapons
Deathshead - cluster bomb
Bug Assasin - cloak
Command Bug - spoiler lock
valley forge - full salvo
rodger young - power to weapons
Command Bug - Cluster bomb
Ryuho - power to weapons
Shiloh - power to weapons

banshee - hunt
Serpah - hunt
Short Sword - hunt
Longsword - hunt
Phantom - turbo
Frigate - Mac Shot
Andraste - Heal
Aspire - Mac Shot
Flood frigate - infest
Covenant Battle Frigate - defend
Python - mac shot
Matathon - Mac shot
CCS-class Battlecruiser - defend
Flood CCS - infest
Pheonix - Mac shot
CCS-class Carrier - defend
Covenant Assault Carrier (larger covey ship)- defend
Forerunner Dreadnought - turbo
Noble Sabre - Invunerable
Arbiter Seraph - attract
Forward Unto Dawn - Mac Shot, power to weapons
Brute Frigate - defend, power to weapons
Pillar of Autumn - mac shot, power to weapons
Spirit of Fire - Mac shot, power to waepons
Prophit assault carrier - defend, power to weapons

Babylon 5
Starfury - hunt
Sentri Interceptor - hunt
Minbari Fighter - hunt
Sentri Bomber - ion shot
Minbari Bomber - ion shot
Drakh Raider - hunt
Hyperion - power to weapons
Fire bird ( Drazi ) - power to weapons
Nova class - point defense
Avioki Class Cruiser - power to weapons
Omega Class - barrage
Minbari Frigate - point defense
Centouri Vorchan Attack Cruiser - barrage
White Star - power to weapons
Vorlon capital ship - point defense
Omega X - barrage
Minbari War Cruiser - point defense
Drakh Carrier - power to weapons
Shadow Battle crab - cloak
Third space - telepathy
Michael Garibali in Skylark - turbo
Starfury hero - hunt
Arc Hammer - power to weapons
G'Quan - barrage
Omega Hero - barrage
Warlock Destroyer hero - full salvo
Excalibour - cutting beam

Wing Commander
Piranha - hunt
Arrow - turbo
Bearcat - power to weapons
Ratooth - hunt
Excalibur - ion shot
Black Widow - ion shot
Murphy - turbo
Ralarrad - power to weapons
Pelican - power to weapons
Waterloo - power to weapons
Concom - sensor ping
Fralthi Cruiser - power to weapons
Zhu Feng - sensor jamming
Hades - power to weapons
Plunkett - missile shield
Shaalkhar - power to weapons
Confederation - power to weapons
Vesuvius - power to weapons
Enterprise - turbo
Kilrathi Dreadnought - missile shield, power to weapons
Bearcat Mk2 - turbo
Foxbat - cloak
Ghost - cloak
Bengal - power to weapons
Julgal Nar (prince) - turbo
T.C.S Plunkett - power to weapons, turbo
Thrak Hath (commander) - weaken enemy
Midway - power to weapons, superlaser


Nice I like them all but i do have a couple sugestions for the Star Trek powers. All Romulan and Klingon ships should have cloak and the Sovereign should have a tractor beam.

Oh and the Heal for the Wraith ships from Stargate sound like a nice idea.

And for Star Wars the Jedi Starfighter could use a speed boost instead of invunribilty and give that to a small hero.

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Spinobreaker Author

well the jedi fighters are what makes the cruiser a level 12, theyre the ultimate fighters ingame lol
All for heals, it only heals the wraith ship itself not others
I try and limit the cloakable ship to 2 per faction
and ill give tractor beam to picard instead of power 2 weapons (standard ship 1 ability, heroes 2... for the most part)

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umm small question the abiltiy "mac shot" it wont take away the normal mac shot will it?

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Spinobreaker Author

yes, itll mean u need to aim the ship manually, ie point it at the enemy before pressing the ability, (sorry only way i can get it to work) then activate it for a 1/2/3/4 mac shot depending on the ship

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is this intended?("Warlock Destroyer hero - fukk salvo") If yes what does it do?(i never watched wing commander)

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Spinobreaker Author

lol meant 2 be full lmao

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Does "Defend" for the Covie ships refer to shield boost, or point defense?

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Spinobreaker Author

shield boost
i know they had point defense, but this ones easier 2 code

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Did you make the beam nuke ability for the Daedalus?

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Spinobreaker Author

yep its workin... sorta

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Why sorta? If you need a better one I could give you the coding I created for a beam nuke ablilty in my personal Stargate mod. Don't know if the ability needs to be balanced or not, it took two nukes to blow up a ISD.

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Spinobreaker Author

well im just tuning the range/damage thats the sorta

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or.... the ability would need all of the ship antimatter reserves to be used and destroyed up to a cruiser(to be fair) and as a 5 min reload time. Simple suggestion.

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Spinobreaker Author

yeh its got a 1min reload atm and can take out level 1-3 ships in one hit and drop shields on 4-6 half shield on 7-9 and 1/4 shield on 10-12
its very effective against fighters and bombers
and im fine with that balancing

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looks great cant wait for it it come out :)

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My thoughts are maybe looking at replacing some of the power to weapons for BSG. Just to get a bit more variety.
How about a nuke ability for the Galactica as it did have some in the show?
Also they could probably use a repair ability on a ship too, like ST's Nebula. Having no shields means they always take damage so repair would suit them well. Could have it on a Cylon ship seeing as how they can auto repair and they did help repair Galactica with that weird goo stuff.
Just wondering as well, is it possible to code in rebuilding hardpoints on ships? I'm guessing no or it would probably have been done. Just a thought because I remember when fighting BSG as ST I would move in and target the hardpoints then retreat to allow my shields to recharge. Eventually they had a crippled fleet and couldnt bring in more ships. I guess a human opponent would have sacrificed them but still, I feel bad about doing that just so I can bring in a fresh ship.

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Spinobreaker Author

yeh, bsg'll get self repair as well (like the hives)
galactica could have a nuke ability... never thought of that
Not reaaly, all hardpoint now are undestroyable, so that wont work any more lol

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Thats good. As cool as destroyable hardpoints are it can lead to balance issues against shielded ships.
I was thinking that a MAC like barrage ability would work for the Mercury class as well. They have large, forward facing bow cannons. I see they already have barrage but im assuming thats using their smaller cannons?
Could move that to Columbia class if you are looking for more variety?

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I dont like the turbo on the Human Stargate ships... I think something more along the lines of assault something like that...

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Spinobreaker Author

its only because the abilities are limited

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what about Space Battleship Yamato? :(

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Spinobreaker Author

easter egg lol

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I think the B5 shadow battle crab should have cloak, since they are the only ones in B5 that has similar tech, "they just meld with the darkness of space" but still =] also the Excalibur should have a Super weap, like the SW Eclipse has... tho making it powerless for 2min... also defend is kinda use less on B5 ships since they don have shields, some have regenerating hull and such, tho most capital/frigates have a point defense system, but no shields except for the 3rd space gate...
btw what ship is the ark hammer in B5?
other wise looks good=]

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Spinobreaker Author

cool, i dont know much b5, ill give the crab cloak, and the excalibur was going 2 have a beam similar to the halo keyship attack
I thought the minbari had shields... meh... ill swap those 2 point defense if i can
thanks for the info

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awesome =]

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Great abilities! U did good job! Could I ask something though: Why did you take out Boba Fett from Star Wars faction?

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Spinobreaker Author

he wasn't in it, its always been the falcon

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I know that, I'm asking why wasn't he in the mod at all?

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Spinobreaker Author

because theres a limited number of spaces in each faction, and the hero in a flacon type ship would always be solo before fett

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i feel like all fighters shold have the hunt ability if they have enough room available, and itd be cool and nice if a few tier 3/4 shiups like corvettes or light antifighter frigates had a hunt ability.
but the rest are very nice ideas

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Very nice, but if the flood ships get "infest" i think that the Borg Cube should get somthing more like "Assimilate" other than bribe

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Spinobreaker Author

thats what i meant by bribe
ive tried 2 give each faction 1 ship that has a bribe equivilant (ie infest, telepathy, assimilate etc)

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I thought you couldnt get the cloak to work on a squad of puddle jumpers unless you were turning the squad into just 1 jumper?

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Spinobreaker Author

i havn't tried it in a while and ive had a few ideas lol

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What about the BS Pegasus?

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Spinobreaker Author

lol forgot 2 put that as a hero, but DW its in there, its abilities are jump and full salvo of bow shots

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What is the jump ability?

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Spinobreaker Author

the jump ability is one unique to BSGs style of FTL. It allows a ship to jump across the map as long as the other side is visible. Problem is the AI doesn't understand to 2 use it and therefor cant :'(
but if u look at the link below, itll show u

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