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Here we are again, some news on how my mod is progressing and important informations on it.

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Hey there.
First to say, please do not yell on me and dont judge me on what I have to say in this news.
I am sure that I will disappoint those who are waiting my mod and who have give me there support, help and all of that.
As u know, a month ago I have promised that new version will be ready and finish in short time and I failed in that promise
I did succeed in some stuff that I have promised and I did answer any question and I whose here each time anyone need it something and I hope I will be in future.
I am happy to get so far as I can and as I know, but understand this, I am working alone, even mods like UA that have team of people that work on it have problems with time.
I am not saying I did not have help from anyone, some of u did do me a great help and I will never forget that and any time u need something I will be here for u. (u know how u are)
I have my private life to worry about and it is not easy for me to work on this and worrying about my life.

So here we are on important news and why I am posting it now.
This is not easy to say but I will just say it, Im taking a break from modding, pls dont say stuff like ''this is dead now'' or ''one more idiot who give up''.
I am not giving up and to explain this ''I am taking break '' it means I will work less on this, I whose working each day but now I cant, I will work on it when I have time and time is not my friend.
Also there is small things that is not helping also, see my PC is not that great, I have small memory space and as u know if mod is bigger then it needs a lot of time to load it and my mod is BIG.
Each time I make something I need to enter game and test it, does it work find in game and that is slow and boring process.
Well that is all for bad new I have, to bad I dont have any good one.

If u are interested in helping me I am always open for suggestions and anything that u have to offer.
but if u are special good in something here is list of what I need.

1. I need someone who can make texture for me.
2. Need some one who can make new FX.
3. Need some one who can fix models.
4. I need new sound effect like for weapons, units or something like that.
5. I need someone who can make new badges and banners.

Those are most important things that I need help with, so if u are willing and have time sand me PM or post comment.

Thank you for reading and all best: dantles1992/sigmaceti (I apologise for bad english)


Take as long as you need, a modder has to take a break at some point. :) If the mod is not going dead, I'm sure you'll make a lot of people happy to one day, maybe in 6 months or so, see the mod released. :)

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It's a shame the mod is running into trouble but seriously don't beat yourself up over this. You're doing all this for free so if you need a break take one. If the mod doesn't come out you've already done a lot of cool stuff and if does come out at a later date I'm sure it'll be worth the wait.

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its okay, bro. take it easy :D just surprised us with a good news in the future when you are good to go again :3

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Relax and take a rest because work without passion is painful work.

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We know you really try your best,maybe you find some help better take it easy and reload your battery.

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we happy for your great mod, we like it,good luck,bro ! :) :) :) :) :D :D

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