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I'm sorry for the inactivity, but I have some bad news.

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Hey sorry for being inactive. It is with great sadness that I must report my an unfortunate turn of events. My computer had a major hardware failure, and most of my data was lost. On top of that, due to personal reasons, I have been involved on another project that has been taking up most of my time. As such, I won't be working on Dark Resurgence in the near future. This page with still stay as I hope to give this project CPR at some point.

I still have several plot ideas that I plan to use, but for now I will not be active. As such, all members of my writing team can end their work. I'm truly sorry about this, and I thank everyone who put up with my frustrations. The passion that people have for this series even after all these years is truly inspiring, and I look forward to seeing the completion of future projects. I only regret I cannot be there with you all. Best of Luck to all of you.

Sanguinius - - 5,719 comments

99% of mods that fail is because of the "Computer hardware major failure". That excuse is extremely overused, just tell us you lost interest and stopped working on the mod, no need to lie...

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sbseed - - 499 comments

o please like you even have a clue about if he is lying or not... whether he is lying or not is moot anyways, the point is that the mod is no longer going to be worked on for all intents and purposes.

its not really your look out whether he is tired of putting up with fools like you or if he had a hardware issue or something else... such as personal RL issues.
if all you can do is complain then you are aggravating the problem of failed projects here.... getting almost as bad as the nexus with idiots complaining about crap they haven't got a clue about, making devs want to pull out their hair and/or commit suicide (i am not joking about that btw)... so shut your cake hole and give some positive criticism if thats at all possible for you illiterate rejects from the public school system.
your emotional constipation should not be given over to someone who has probably put more work into a given project than you have ever put into anything you have ever tried in your entire lifetime to date.
so get up off your brain and give it a rest because its obviously starving for oxygen, and try to think before you spout your infinitesimal spooge.

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_C_ Author
_C_ - - 9 comments

I strongly appreciate your encouragment, but I would appreciate it if you wouldn't use such unkind wording. I can understand the scepticism of these people, even if I don't like it.

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_C_ Author
_C_ - - 9 comments

I will not deny that I am not as enthusiastic as when I started, but since people require further explaination, very well.

The motherboard on my computer simply stoped working. Making matters worse, the Mother Board I was using is very old, as are the hard drives. All the computers I can find use the newer SATA drives. Therefore It will be near impossible to find a computer powerful enough for all my work, but that uses older Hard Drives and not SATA. The thing is, All I really had done are most of the main story and concept art, so most of what I lost was not mod data, but other personal info.

Since I was not clear enough, the hardware malfunction was not the main reason I stopped, but was instead the final nail in the coffin.

My complete reasons for cancelling are more personal and have to do with time and dedication. I don't WANT to stop, but at this point, I'm afraid that's what is best.

Again I do apologize. This is actually harder for me than you may think. But I truly feel it is necessary.

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santaniake2 - - 53 comments

For your info, there are IDE to USB adapter on the market at a reasonable price. The old hard drive interface commonly used was called IDE, but do check. It might not be worth it for the mod data, but for the personal info, it might be more then worth it.

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