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Undead Shadows Update 1.0.6 is now available via Steam, Desura and IndieGameStand!

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Undead Shadows Update 1.0.6 is now available via Steam, Desura and IndieGameStand!

Undead Shadows is a modern day post-apocalyptic zombie survival FPS that puts the player inside the shoes of a survivor trying to last as long as he can in a zombie infested world. Zombies aren't the only thing the player needs to fear. Giant spiders come out at night from the forests to hunt for live prey! You must survive the never-ending waves of terrifying infected creatures until you are run down, backed into a corner and devoured. As the survivor, you can scour through cities and the country side looking for supplies to help you defend yourself against never ending waves of zombies. The longer you last…the harder it gets.

1.0.6 Details:

-Added new level; Crater: Ground Zero
-Added a new jump attack for the spider

-Spiders now do much more damage (40-60% per hit/bite)
-Optimized Cornfield Country for better framerate and performance
-Optimized and reworked Downtown Quarantine for better framerate and performance
-Changed multiplayer to keep a server in the join server list even after the first round starts
-Updated the way round stats are calculated in multiplayer games for late joining players
-Updated the AI code to make Zombies and Spiders respond better

-Removed zombie wanderers between rounds

-Fixed a bug that caused the loading screen image to not display
-Fixed an issue that caused the level map to display the incorrect file
-Fixed a bug with statistic tracking when a player left a multiplayer game

Undead Shadows is currently available for only $4.99!

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on steam there is no update 1.06 to see ?
1.05 is the latest news.

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ignitiongames Author
ignitiongames - - 2 comments

The update announcement is now up on Steam.

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