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After our successful Kickstarter campaign, Clever Endeavour Games explain what our plan is for the following months, and we include a link to some articles we wrote about the crowd-funding process. The campaign ended with an amazing 136%, and we explain everything that went wrong and right.

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Hello friends! Following our successful Kickstarter campaign, I figured we should update you with the latest news from Clever Endeavour. Kickstarter was a pretty crazy experience, with excitement, nervosity, happiness, and relief, pretty much in that order.

The last couple of weeks, directly following the month-long campaign, were spent re-organizing ourselves and planning for the coming months of development. In our blog post from last week, we talked about our plan moving forward:

I also wrote a pretty in-depth article about our Kickstarter experience describing the things that went right, the things that went wrong, and some tips for people who are interested, or might want to run a Kickstarter in the future:

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