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New mission, new ship models, updated UI and added achievements.

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This update took way longer to get out than it should have, but that sort of happens with hobby projects. So this update is more about assets than it is about functionality.
First of all, destroyer and cruiser of enemy faction got new models and now are textured (I try to not suck at substance painter, but I'm still just a programmer, not artist).
Second of all, I decided to replace my very old system for rendering text which required me to use another software to generate texture and txt file for each font and each
font size I wanted to use. Now I just load truetype font and all is well (except for that one bug where random font gets mangled, if you ran into it, just restart game for now...).
Working on things like this is just one of many joys of using your own engine, oh well. Sometimes later this will also allow me to use any unicode characters,
but for now I had enough of work in this department...

xt destroyer

Once the font renderer was reworked, I spent some time updating how UI looks. Now it isn't gray boxes with arial font, but gray boxes with rounded corners with eurostile font.
It isn't much of an improvement, but it's a start. At some point this should get the attention it requires... I also made new icons for orders, so it looks bit nicer
when you send ships to their deaths. Partial motivation was to get rid of "repeat order" icon which I previously drawn by hand in MS Paint...
I also finally fixed that key-repeat was only working for characters, which will barely affect anyone (unless you decide to send feedback through in-game form!)

xt cruiser

There are some bugfixes, improved rendering of lens-flares (while I was doing models for ships that fire beams), resolution of textures can once again be set in options,
and ships with textures also got a sound for their engine. Other than that that I've added one single mission (not campaign) and improved AI a bit (next time I would like to have
AI that starts with base and can play against player from there). The last thing of note I've added is achievements. Once you complete mission where it can be earned,
it will become visible (you can of course get it before it turns visible). If you don't care about this inconsequential thing, just don't click to view them in main menu.

The very last thing I've added is that game will check with server if there isn't newer version on start. You still have to download new version manually
like a caveman, because I have better things to do, and these updates come like 2 times a year anyway.

You can get the latest version of the game for free here

or at

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