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Just some updates about how the mod is going (badly at the moment.)

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Well, been ages since updates. And this is probably because of how bad it is at the moment.
Now I would be lying if I said I have been working on it much, and this is mostly because of glitches with hammer and general deadness of ideas and motivation.
Hammer has been crashing heaps lately with my maps and I keep having problems with the compile. I fix most but it just takes ages.
And as well as that I am completely dead for motivation.
As well as those, we have loads of empty vital jobs. I have tried to set up my mod by myself just with tutorials, but I seem to never have everything I need. I am having problems with setting it up in general, with files mentioned in tutorials not there and etc.
Now as it seems at the moment it is heading for dead land which I am really sad about. Because I dont want to be one of the people who half of their mods turn out dead.

So at the moment I could really do two things. Kill the mod, Or hand over the models, files, maps etc to someone who might have better luck than me.

If you could take the mod for yourself and develop it, give me a pm.

Paulisdead18 - - 329 comments

Awwww, sad to hear. I can't help really, I know nothing about making mods, good luck finding someone, or, well, being inspired to finish.

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