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I discovered something in a region of my map, i never was before (redfaced, longnosed).

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UFO and Illuminati Proof in Beams!

"They" are hiding stuff in the pyramids!
I had really fun doing this.
Some particles and materials are still placeholders, but the sounds not, they are perfect! ^^
Got this morphing thing working with a dazillion of timelinestuff, was great to learn.
It is a gameplayelement in my little game.

Setting up morphtargets for the pyramidflanks to open them now, be prepared.
I edited no watermark in my animated gifs, because i like the look without it.

bandicam 2015 11 26 18 53 28 472

I need some sort of ai commander, perhaps a level bossfight feeling, but the pyramids have other function so far, working together with transmitters and power cores.


Stay tuned :)

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