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A brief update on the State of Development of Aderyn's Cradle, along with some exciting announcements!

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Hello All,

Pelakalaka here, community manager for Mojo and today we are excited to announce some major development updates for Aderyn’s Cradle as well as discuss some of our future plans. We have kept a tight lid on development, but now we are ready to share some of the fantastic gameplay and development that Mojo has been working on over the last year.

During our trip last year to GDC we were fortunate enough to get some time using Unreal 4 after their release of the new engine and announcement of a subscription base model and we were most pleased. After having difficulties developing the game with the intuitive systems we had in mind, we decided to switch to U4 to utilize its easy to program method, blue print. Since our switch, we have had a lot more success and easy designing our in-game systems, including our fast, fluid, combat system. We’ve spent this past year recruiting fresh, new talent to the team to help reconstructing Titanwood and Combat Island in U4,as well as creating our systems in game and working out the ideal, most efficient pipelines for development, and, most importantly continued crafting of the universe of Anora. All of that hard work and growth has lead to this proud unveil: The video below features gameplay from the reconstructed Titanwood and Combat Island as well a demonstration of 3 of our weapons: Luna and Corona, Perfect Thunder, as well as the Sword and Shield of Rolling Hill.

GDC 2015

This GDC was a fantastic opportunity for Mojo, that we capitalized on fully. Aside from attending many different talks about game design and the industry, myself and Hank Zwally, president/founder/lead game designer behind Mojo, were fortunate enough to meet with many major companies while we were there, including Sony, Microsoft, and Epic as well as a few different Indie publishers. Compared to last years GDC, these larger name companies are 100% more Indie friendly, each having their own Indie dev division specialized to work with Indie devs to publish on their platforms, luckily for us, U4 is easy to port. With these contacts established, we plan to utilize them as our development continues, especially when considering launching on PS4 and Xbox One as a stretch goal for our future crowd funding campaign!

Along with expand the worlds lore we have also developed our mana system and have begun to make new assets for another of Aderyn’s Cradle’s environments, the Iceland. Now, we are working with Indiegogo to fashion a crowd funding campaign to further the development of Aderyn's Cradle. Mojo needs your support to continue development, sign up on our website to be added to our mailing listing and get the latest information on Aderyn's Cradle.

Mojo Love,
Community Manager/King of PR/ Art Team Manager
Mojo Game Studios

ferdyfist - - 529 comments

Seems great that you have switched! A lot of teams seems to do so as well

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SinKing - - 3,119 comments

Yup, good choice. You will have no proprietary formats, Cryengine exporters or incomplete, confusing documentation, i.e. Cryengine. Unreal can handle large open environments with ease now. I think especially in the last two updates some performance boosts were introduced. It's a much faster engine to work with, which is good as members in projects like this fluctuate. And you don't want to take weeks introducing someone to Cryengine, only so they quit their post, in order to do something else.

It's tough! Hang in there, you did beautiful work so far and have amazing concepts. You just still have to change the engine in the description/brief of your project, up on the right.

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