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After almost 9 months, the eagerly anticipated version 1.1 comes! Read the mod summary for more information.

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Important: Mod Information - Read First

List of Changes / Mod Content 1.1

Some features have been changed since the first mod release, so this readme includes all changes made by UCP mod.

Original Game Bugs Fixed by this Mod

All the bugs above should be fixed in this mod release. The number refers to each bug for better orientation. If any one the bugs below still persists in the game, please, let us know in the comments.

01. Shadow Image spell: Wrong number of creatures (usually less) is summoned if the hero Dark magic Master III (doesn't scale with hero magic then)
02. Basilisk Rider tooltip: Predefined retaliation tooltip for small units should say "no" but says "yes" (the retaliation tooltip mechanics does not take into account this unit's special ability).
04. Air magic Grandmaster: sometimes doing damage to random enemy units on the battlefield (when there are no adjacent units to the target). This happens usually when the unit changed its position at the end of its last turn.
06. Pretorian: The Pretorian sometimes shields random units on the map that are not adjacent to it.
07. Justicar: Justicar's "Opportunity Retaliation" ability sometimes does not activate. In fact, it activates hardly ever.
09. Light magic spell Martyr: Martyr (light magic t4 spell) deactivates when any unit dies, including the enemy. Additionally, it doesn't redirect damage done by special abilities.
11. Unlimited retaliation: - If any unit with "unlimited retaliation" ability (- e.g. direwolf) uses "defend" and the hero has "preemptive strike", the unit retaliates twice before the attack and once more after the attack - so there are 3 retaliations instead of one.
12. Coordination skill: Many bugs causing coordination malfunction.
a. several units abilities do always trigger coordination, independent on if the creature retaliates or not (known: life drain, corroding venom)
b. if the enemy unit has preemptive strike (either from skill or as an ability), the game does not recognise it was a retaliation (as it triggered before, not after the attack), so your units always attack them 2x.
c. minotaur always triggers retaliation on its moral turn (as well as some other units)
d. coordination ability text seem to spawn on a random basis.
e. coordination does not trigger against incapacitated and confused creatures
f. several activated abilities trigger coordination: feral charge, crippling sting, ink spray
g. conditions for coordination activation for AI are diffferent to the ones for the player (AI activates more often)
15. Silverback: Its "Feral Charge" ability does not work against minotaurs and against units under "preemptive strike". They do retaliate.
16. Hathor has wrong hero specialisation in heropedia (to be fixed in heropedia, does not corespond with his actual specialization in the game).
17. Ancient Treant's "Entagled" effect applies when performing ranged attack too. What is worse, it is never removed, even not when the treant dies.
18. Ancient Treant does not retaliate due to the Entangled ability
19. Broken tooltips: fortress fortifications (wrong unit in town guard), artillery barrage, opportunity attack...
21. Oak Dryad: Oak dryad's defense buff for adjacent creatures sometimes stops working.
23. Area effects of positive spells (for example regeneration, stoneskin) sometimes stop working after 1 or 2 turns and do not last all 3 turns (randomly disappearing buffs from friendly creatures)!
26. Lizardman's Scatter Shot gives attack bonus instead of -50% penalty.
27. Fire bird's "Aura of Fire" works in strange modified way: instead of water magic immunity, it provides earth magic immunity. And instead of working for allies only, it works for all surrounding creatures including your enemy!
28. Soul conflagration (new Tier 4 Prime magic spell) deals much less damage than it should when the hero has prime magic grandmaster ability Clarity. A suspicion that it is always casted with -20 magic even during the first cast then.
29. Gathering Storm (Air Magic novice perk) does not work for air spells with direct damage, and so the calculation tooltip for this spell is different from damage it actually does.
31. The ability "Soul Fire" of Valkyrie and Dis gets removed from a unit if the unit remains adjacent to valkyrie/dis for more than several turns.
32. If a hero has Master of Earth III perk, the Frost Bolt spell deals twice as much damage.
33. Erratic storm has no spell description when cast by scroll.
35. When kraken attacks in melee, the tooltip of caused damaged randomly increases several times (and decreases again), also the damage which is actually dealt by it, is strange. It is possible its active ability modified damage somehow changes the ordinary damage even when it's not activated. Additionally, its Inkspray ability cannot be activated at all.
41. Death strike causing 300% increased damage instead of 200%
46. Shantiri Titan cannot be displayed in Heropedia
47. Ancient Treant attacks twice in melee
48. Wrong luck application on Red & Ardent Dragon
49. Fire Breath can be cast on friendly units, which causes wrong damage tooltips & attacks.
50. Einherjar's hammer range attack not applying attack stat
51. Manticore's sting not applying attack stat
52. Poison and agony working on undead
53. Some nova skills can be used only once per battle; another always
55. Kari's Fire Heart specialization doesn't work for Fire Sentry
56. Centaur's and Centaur Marauder's Maneuver ability causes that if this unit is attacked before its turn, it loses its turn or it cannot attack during it.
59. Resurrection abilities sometimes works on constructs. Elrath's chosen doesn't apply when the spell is cast through an artifact/scroll.
61. Lizardman's Scattershot's damage tooltip is unstable (changeable damage)
62. Shroud of Malassa deactivates not only when the unit attacks but also when it receives damage.
63. Hide (Shroud of Malassa) does not get applied after the first combat turn.
64. Siege: Moats trap a creature forever, making it immobile until the end of the whole combat once it steps in. Additionally, the moat sometimes does not get activated when a unit passes through it.
65. Siege: Academy units receive damage on a random basis even if they do not enter the moat
66: Siege: Fortress Moat is completely bugged: It does not interrupt movement. Its description is missing in town and its effect increasing Fire magic vulnerability does not disappear after one turn as intended.
67. Confusion does not surpress preemptive strike
68. Preemptive strike can be used against some activated abilities
69. Strike and return displays retaliation wrong (always "no" even when it should be "yes"). Moreover, the coordination restriction does not work for Strike and Return (always applies). Strike and return cannot be used if the unit is already adjacent to target (in any way) and can be used on moral turn.
73. Wrong Homeland icon on adventure map
74. AoC town effects apply wrong when a town changes its owner (either not aplied on a new owner or persists on the previous owner)
75. Runic Fortifications Gate is overwritten wrong on level 2 (as level 1)
78. Necropolis Moat "Weakness" Effect and Dungeon "Agony" Effect do not work although its tooltip displays.
80. Wrong Mark of Malassa icon on the adventure map.
83. Wrong Sweeping Bash Icon used (the same as Sweep)
84. Martyr provided by a rune forge artifact doesn't work.
85. Lamasu's Aura of Pestilence works on troglodyts (and probably also other unit with earth immunity)
88. Faceless' buff disappears when the buffed unit attacks and kills enemy instead of when it's attacked.
89. Academy Hero Ajit does not have a siege weapon at all. (missing completely)
90. Erling's specialization should increase runes' effect from 3x3 to 5x5. It works correctly with their passive effects but their activated effects still work 3x3.
91. Poisoned Blades work on dark elemental and other units with darkness immunity.
92. Entangling roots do not apply when the creature retaliates.
93. Entangle spell does not work on teleporting units.
94. Aura effects (Legionnaire, justicar…) do not work correctly after the spell teleport is cast on a unit.
95. Familiar Terrain perk gives 50% bonus instead of 20%
96. Mark of Nature & Entagling roots do not work on Cthonians and Earth Elementals
97. Chosen of Light not working on Martyr
98. Estates does not remove on hero’s death
99. Artefact sets provide set bonuses even after unequip
100. Archlich's effect does not work if the primary target is killed by this attack
101. Tower of Necromancy provides no bonus to Ghost Ride
102. Damage tooltip for warfares is incorrect when the hero has mastery in this skill
103. Namtaru warfare hits surrouding creatures twice
104. Shielding gets removed if there are more legionnaires and one of them leaves
105. Shadow cloak doesn't trigger if hit non primarily by an area attack like dark hydra or rakasha (if hit by other attacks than usual damage) but it's lost.
107. Naadir's specialization: The ghost stacks only grow as long as they don't strike the final blow.
108. Aura of Cleansing’s visual effect displays wrong
109. Some special attacks trigger against creatures with its immunity
110. Stranglehold does not disappear when the caster dies
111. Shantiri Titan’s rooting bonus critical effect does not work
112. Faceless’s shadow cloak disappears with no effect after the creature is attacked by a hero
113. The balance rune does not work when the enemy attacks with an unrequited attack/special attack
114. Ghost Ride does not take into account No Rest For The Wicked (no ghosts are revived after killing undead)
119. Fire Beath damage effect persists on creatures even after the field disappears
120. Broken cheating console for Metamagic command
121. Some of the negative effects do not get removed when intended
122. Cloak of Death does not get removed when a creature is attacked

+ dozens of localization issues and incorrect or misleading descriptions in particular languages

There might be some unrecorded minor fixes included.

Fixed issues from the previous mod release

A1. Opportunity Retaliation triggering incorrectly on moral turns (plus now only once per creature turn)
A2. Long range stops working after the unit waits
A3. Martyr provides spell immunity on some lower levels of light magic mastery
A4. Living shelter disappears if the adjacent creature moves OR after retaliation, target creatures are not immune against spells as stated
A5. Piercing Shot works wrong against Martyr
A6. Strike & return: if a flying unit uses the wait action and is attacked then, it has no action at all when it comes to its wait turn.
A7. Ardent Dragon walks instead of flying
A8. Wrong stats of Vampire Lord (Attack & Defense reverted)
A9. Fixed Shadow Cloak effect on creatures summoned by Shadow Image
A10. No more forbidden Water magic school for Fortress (issue with Vessel of Shalassa)
A11. Added missing Vigilance ability of Vampire Lord
A12. Fixed Opportunity Attack animation
A13. Increased HP of Moats
A14. Several previous bugfixes not working in particular special situations

+ dozens of localization improvements and fixes

Changes on Creatures‘ Abilities

There have been numerous complaints about lack of creature diversity in the game, so we have added around 20 brand new abilities for creatures. If you dislike any of the new abilities, see Mod information to read how simple it is to get rid of them.


- Holy Blades (Sentinel, Legionnaire): All undead and demons adjacent to the target of the creature's melee attack (not retaliation) take X% of the damage dealt as light damage

- Blessed Arrows (Crossbowman, Marksman): On moral turns, the creature's ranged attack ignores the target unit's Defence.

- Lone Wolf (Landsknecht, Swordmaster): +10 Initiative and +2 Movement when the creature has no adjacent allies.


- Offensive Formation (Sandstone Golem): The creature is switched into its offensive form: +10 Attack and +2 Movement but its Defence is set to 0.

- Defensive Formation (Sandstone Golem): The creature is switched into its defensive form: +10 Defence and +10 Hitpoints but its Movement is set to 0.

- Stunning Blow (Obsidian Gargoyle): Each of the creature's attacks has a x% chance to decrease target's Initiative to 10

- Magical Shot (Apprentice, Disciple): The creature shoots at ALL units in a line, dealing damage by random magic school.


- Incorporeal (Ghost, Banshee): Any attack against the creature has a 15% chance to fail.

- Contagion (Plague Lamasu): The creature's Aura of Pestilence becomes contagious, spreading from infected targets to adjacent enemies at the start of their turn.

- Lamasu receives Aura of Pestilence

- Vampire Lord receives No Retaliation


- Barbarian Anger (Crusher): Enemy creatures attacking the creature become targets of this creature's anger. All attacks of creatures with this ability against these marked creatures will be critical for 3 turns.

- Wyvern's regeneration improved to resurrect (still heals the same number of HP, though)

- Brute receives Unfettered


- Cursed Blossom (Sprite): Enemy creatures attacking the creature in melee get -25 Luck until end of their next turn.


- Shadow Armour (Stalker, Tracker): Whenever this creature becomes shrouded, it receives a shield, absorbing 5 damage per each hero level.

- Solid Like A Stone (Chthonian): Whenever the creature receives damage, it gets +5 Defence until its next turn.

- Strider & Soulless receive Vigilance


- Defender receives Dwarven Shieldwall

- Shieldguard receives Defensive

- Kobold Scout receives Nimble

- Flaming Arrows (Kobold Pathfinder): Large creatures hit by the creature's ranged attack will be burned. Burning deals Fire damage to the creature at the start of its turn for 3 turns.

- Rhinoceros Skin (Lava Elemental, Magma Elemental): +2 Defense for every tile crossed until the creature's next turn.

- Flamestorm (Ardent Dragon): At the beginning of each combat turn, each enemy creature has a 25% chance to receive 20 Fire damage by a storm of flames.


- Child of the Darkness (Shadow Panther): The creature can walk through any other creature and it deals Dark damage for every single creature in the stack when passing through an enemy creature.

- Explosion (Fire Elemental): Whenever the creature receives damage, an explosion deals 1 Fire damage to all adjacent enemy creatures.

- Wind Shield (Air Elemental): The creature is immune against first damage received in each combat.

- Aura of Renewal (Earth Elemental): The creature and all neighbouring friendly creatures regenerate 3 Health at the start of this creature's turn. (Not affected: Undead and Constructs)

- Ice Prison (Water Elemental): This creature's ranged attack has a 30% chance to imprison target creature. Imprisoned creature cannot act and is treated as if not present until the start of the next combat round.

- Touch of Light (Light Elemental): Removes all negative magic effects from the target friendly creature and fully regenerates its Health.

- Shadow of Death (Dark Elemental): Hit creatures receive -10% HP for 3 turns (is not stackable).

- Siren Song (Mermaid): Enemy creatures attacking the creature become charmed until the end of their next turn. The creature is immune against damage done by charmed creatures.

- Creatures hit by Splash ability (Mermaid) also suffer from reduced Initiative and Movement until the end of their next turn.

- Black Guard receives Strike & Return

- No Melee Penalty information (Titan, Ancient Treant, Rune Priest, Rune Patriarch)

Changed Mechanics & Improvements

We changed certain abilities to avoid bugs (as we found no solution how to fix them):

08. Plague Lamasu: Lamasu's Aura of pestilence does not work in certain occasions (=sometimes). Especially it does not work after you use teleport to move plague lamasu to enemy units. It could be connected with the entry used for the ability - activates when the creature enters cell.
CHANGE: Aura of Pestilence now applies at the end of each combat round.

13. Spectral Dragon: Its Flaying Breath ability often shows "0 killed" on the tooltip. In certain camera angles, instead of number of units which should be killed by dragon attack (tooltip), "0" displays. The problem usually appears when there are more units to be hit by the dragon.
CHANGE: Changed ability function: unit now deals damage during retaliation to not only the attacker but also to all creatures adjacent to it

14. Spectral Dragon: Soul Reaver ability does gain no mana when activated
CHANGE: It did not make much sense together with the Soulflaying Breath. Changed ability function: Your hero receives 1 Mana for each adjacent living enemy creature at the beginning of this creature's each turn

22. Treant + Ancient treant: Living shelter ability works in a very strange way when you activate it: sometimes it works correctly and stopps enemies. Sometimes it stopps them but they get additional turn, so it's useless. And sometimes it does not get activated at all! Additionally, it persists on cells even after the Treant moves.
CHANGE: Instead of interrupting movement, Living Shelter now redirects damage done to adjacent units to the owner of the ability.

30. Earth Elemental is not immune to Earth Magic spell "Wasp Swarm" (it deals might damage which is strange)
CHANGE: Wasp Swarm damage changed to Earth (magic school)

36. The Fire Trail ability does not work: It gets randomly activating and disactivating, and when attacking the enemy, it does not even display correct tooltip for hitting multiple enemies when it is on.
CHANGE: This ability makes no sense for a flaying creature. It has been temporarily removed from the game. Red Dragon received the Fire Breath ability and the Ardent Dragon received a brand new ability.

40. Some Artifact set bonuses remain active even if you unequip them
CHANGE: Most of the set bonuses have been fixed, the rest has been replaced.

Affected sets

- Assassin’s set:

  • 2 parts of the set: -1 to Health of enemy creatures.
  • 4 parts of the set: +3 to Might; +5 to Destiny
  • 6 parts of the set: +5 to Initiative of allied creatures, -1 to basic damage of enemy creatures.

- Great Lich‘s set:

  • 2 parts of the set: -5 to Initiative for enemy ranged shooting creatures.
  • 4 parts of the set: +5 to Magic.
  • 6 parts of the set: +3 to Magic, -10 to Morale of enemy creatures.

- Ranger‘s set:

  • 2 parts of the set: +5 to Initiative of allied creatures
  • 4 parts of the set: +5 to Might; +4 to Movement of the hero.
  • 6 parts of the set: +6 to Spirit; +1 to base damage of allied ranged creatures.

44. Rune traps make a grid tile unwalkable; AI always avoids the traps.
71. Runic Fortifications don't work at all
(as for the traps)
CHANGE: As we cannot change the archetype of obstacle, the function of rune traps has been changed: There is a chance to cast a rune trap on an enemy creature and reduce thus their Movement to 0 until the end of the combat round at the beginning of each enemy creature's turn during each combat in the area of control of this town.

70. Wrong damage calculation with all Breath Abilities (Dragons) caused by Flanking (deals less damage than the tooltip shows)
CHANGE: Flanking Effect has been removed from that abilities

79. Master Cabir: Soldering Hands: This ability only works on creatures which are not adjacent to cabir but which are in cabir´s range. Moreover, the resurrection tooltip displaying sometimes disappears
CHANGE: Soldering Hands can be used more times per combat. Soldering Hands now works only on adjacent creatures.

86. Lightning Bolt deals the main damage also to adjacent targets (instead of reduced damage). Additionally, the shocked effect is applied on adjacent creatures, too.
CHANGE: Damage dealt to main target is the same as to adjacent creatures

115. Heal spell displays nonsensical healing power when also dealing damage to undead
CHANGE: This spell deals no longer damage to undead

116. Imperial Griffin sometimes completely disappears from the battle grid after the Dive Attack
CHANGE: It returns just after it used the attack, so the creatures don’t have time to change their grid position and the attack is more predictable. It’s Inititative its set to 10 and it cannot use Diving attack that turn.

117. Life Drain doesn’t heal the correct amount of damage on area attacks
CHANGE: It sucks damage only from the primary target.

118. Aura of balance removes all buffs from all creatures in the area
CHANGE: Improved tooltip to inform about its real function

We implemented some additional changes and improvements we hope you will like:

I. Banned magic schools (If you dislike this change, see Mod information to read how simple it is to get rid of them.)

  • Added forbidden schools for other factions (balance reasons):
    (Stronghold - Prime, Sylvan - Fire)
  • Changed magic school of Town Portal and Reveal Treasure to Air (because of prime magic being forbidden for Stronghold)

II. Improved some visual effects to be more visible

III. Improved tooltips of certain abilities (missing information about activation limited to once per combat) and other stuff (including player tips)

IV. Added Heropedia information about rare resources needed to hire a creature (to make the champion choice more comfortable for the player)

V. Morale and Luck caps increased to 75 everywhere (not only Skirmish)

VI. Champions have now the same stats both in Campaign and Skirmish (it was really confusing before) and hiring them cost the same number of resources

VII. All buildings now cost the same and the town halls levels provide the same amount of gold both in Campaign and Skirmish

VIII. Improved adventure & combat camera zoom & rotation

IX. Changes on Heroes

  • added 4 new duel heroes for each faction for more duel possibilities
  • changed duel heroes: replace Dirael with Lasir
  • added two new heroes per faction for scenario mod (each faction should have two heroes of each faction class available)
  • deleted Lasir for classic hero pool
  • added Lasir and Jorgen to privileged hero pool
  • changed classes of heroes: Dagar: Enchanter, Lucretia: Archon, Naadir: Embalmer, Dirael: Ranger
  • fixed order of duel heroes: might and offensive first
  • added almost all story heroes to skirmish (al councillors are still available as privileged only)
  • changed Dagar spec (was the same as Asad‘s) to Enlightened (Malwen)

Alternative Solution

Some things cannot be fixed. However, there is a way how to deal with them:

24. Disappearing hero skills in campaigns: After you finish a campaign mission with random skilling, when you start the next mission, your hero forgets some skills! Some of them only disappear in skillwheel but still still work in combat, some of them completely disappear and their effects too.
SOLUTION: In Important tips thread (Steam), there's mentioned how to avoid this bug in order to be able to play random skilling without any restrictions as intended.

76. Destroying any building in the town causes all AoC buildings don't work any more.
SOLUTION: Another building must be built in the town and the hero must re-enter the Area of control on some occasions

87. The last Sephinroth's scenario dialogue is skipped by the game, so the player cannot read it.
SOLUTION: You can read the end of the scenario here: (HC)

ChiefOfHonour - - 2 comments

You write "see Mod information to read how simple it is to get rid of them". Where is this "Mod information"?
Most of what you have done seems very interesting, and I look forward to test it out. However, I didn't like that you did with the heat spell. Damage to undead should be a part of the heal spell, and I would prefer the bug to your solution. Is it any way I can get rid of the fix for this particular spell?

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ChiefOfHonour - - 2 comments

Never mind my questions. I found the answers.

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Antalyan Author
Antalyan - - 107 comments

As for the Heal spell, the issue was that its tooltip was incorrect when the spell was cast on both undead and living creatures and it wasn't possible to fix.

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HamsterHum - - 1 comments

Please check post
In particular - Nature's Revenge Skills Impede:
1.3. impede should accumulate and work on earth immune creatures.
Now working:
Any mark count always placed on enemy creature reduces its Movement by 1.

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