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I have decided to release this mod in various episodes, partly because I believe what I'm trying to create would take way too long to be made into a full game (as well considering the 1 person "team")

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So I have been thinking recently about releasing this mod in Episodes after realizing what I want to create is such a massive mod, and it doesn't seem too practical to me waiting forever to finish it and release it in a big form, not to mention I don't have a lot of time on my hands to be working on this for long periods of time because of exams. So an idea came to my mind, what about Episodes similar to Half-Life 2? It would also help me into finding out people's opinions on it, and any advice/feedback.

I've also noticed the first few maps in the mod are a lot "worse" per say than the newer ones, this is because at the start I never really thought of making it into a full mod and was more of just a pass time a few months ago as I learned the engine, and I have gotta say I believe I've improved a lot since then, and I'm ain't really prepared to go ahead and start making them from scratch to have the same standards. And so in summary if I were to create an "UC Episode 2", I'd love to have a fresh start and make it the best I could from the beginning and really take my time with it! I hope everyone understands.

And so I have decided to release this mod in "Episodes". The first Episode I have currently compiled and created, and now uploading it to the site.

EDIT: Nothing major, but it turns out I didn't shut off an E3 Livestream during the video above, that's the talking you're hearing. :p

OH, and don't worry, I won't stop after EPISODE 2....

Thanks for reading, and to all the support I've gotten, I hope you enjoy! :)

UC Episode 1

SPY-maps - - 2,907 comments

Great video, just noticed 2 small errors, or better said, one error and one thing that could be made a bit better easely.
The error is a zombie sitting in that toxic water, he has the sit animation were he leans against something before he stands up. But, he is sitting in the water and there is no wall behing him, or anything else. So it looks rather strange. You could fix this easely by placing some kind of model behind him so it looks like he is leaning against that model.

And near the end of the video the player has to press (E) on that wall box model to open the door. This model has a awesome double animation, it opens and then you have to click again inside the box to open the door. You only need to make a dymanic model of it, that is all. You don't really need to do this, but it would look so much better in my opinion, and, the animation is already there, so why not use it.

Just my 2 cent thought, hope you don't mind me sharing them with you,
other then that, great work!


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Frze512 Author
Frze512 - - 31 comments

Thanks for the feedback! I'm pretty sure in the next couple days I will release a small patch to knockout some pretty stupid bugs and such, will see what I can do. :)

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SPY-maps - - 2,907 comments

Always a good idea to put in some time to fix small issues, takes times but
it makes the total project much, much better. Much success,


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XIVTrahsion - - 187 comments

Pretty nice, except the animation on the zombie in the beginning is a bit bugged, but you can fix that. The level is really awesome and totally brings out the Half Life 2 aesthetic of this mod. I love it!

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