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The UAYEB Episode 1 Version 2.0 is now available on Steam! The pricing has been cut donw, the save system has been redone with autosaves, and bugs have been fixed.

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The version 2.0 is now available!
Be aware that the saved files from version 1 will not be working on version 2, as it is a complete new version.
If you have started playing on version 1, before starting a new game on V2, I would advise you to remove the "user" folder from your UAYEB root folder.

You want to keep your progression from V1 to V2?
No worries, yes you can!
If you have started playing on version 1.0 and you want to keep on with the same progress on version 2.0, please fill up this form to receive your new save files by email.
Fill up this form

List of changes on version 2.0:
- The price has been cut down
- The crash after too many saved game is fixed
- The saving system has changed to auto saves (checkpoints throughout the whole levels)
- A new free save system has been implemented, after sleeping in a bed you'll be prompted to save your progress or not (40 saving slots available)
- A LOAD option has been implemented in the main menu and ingame menu
- The full list of saved files are visible from that LOAD scrolling menu
- You will be able to load or delete saved files from the LOAD menu
- Invisible collisions have been removed
- Adjustments on Mayan sites were done to avoid going in wrong directions
(Mayan site 4, 5, 10, 17, 18,19)
- Bugs fixing in Joanna's house, like bedroom or gun disapearing, now fixed
- Changes in Joanna's house where two triggers were too close. Now fixed (paper note, wardrobes, safe)
- Minor bugs fixed (camera Mayan site 12)
- A anti cheats has been added, if you like the game please support the project by buying it
- A new trailer video was done for the release of V2.0

Thanks everyone for your support, comments and recommendations.

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