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There will be, when possible Two Versions of Agean Crisis.

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The First Version is the one you see currently, being moar realistic then Generals.

The second version will be moar General-Style (thus making them moar differently each other), which have also have The GLA, China & USA.

Vehicles that are reworked for Turkish/Greek Army in Version 2.0:

Turkish Army (allied with USA, China)
Factioncolor: Maroon
The Turkish Vehicles are weaker than USA or Greek (European) but have Stealth&Mines

Otokar Kaya Pioneer Antiground-Mines (cost 300$), Stealth-Sensor, Mine-Clearer
Otokar Yavuz APC Stealthed/transports 6 Men, Can be upgraded with Add-on like the China Overlord
Otokar Kobra IFV 50. MG or Milan Missile-Launcher (With Upgrade per Unit)
Altay MBT 120mm AT-Shells or Rocketlauncher (with Upgrade per Unit)
Artillery/Garrison-Clearer HESH-Shells (uses Demo-General detonation effects)
Anti-Air AA-Missile Launcher (launches eight Stinger-Missiles, has short reload time)
Jahannam SRBM Fires Scud-Like Missiles with Fuel-Air Warheads

Greek Army (allied with EU and Russia):
Parmenion Vehicle (named after a greek Architect) Pioneer Clears Mines
IFV/Garrison Clearer 20mm Minigun(like Commanche MG)/Flashbang-Grenades
Minotaur Tank 120mm AT-Shells, Anti-Mine Clearer-Plow
Ceberus Anti-Air AA-Missiles (uses ZH-King Raptor Missiles)
Artillery Ballista
-2000 (ancient Greek Siege weapon) EMP-Shells (same effect like EMP-Patriot)


valla otokar yavuzun gercek hali olmuş
modifiye edilebilir turret kısmı gerçek
elinize zihninize saglık
keşke 3 boyutlu modelleme yapabiliyor olsaydım...

+ bu arada bizim orlean anti-air silahlarımız var unuttum tam olarak kaç mm genişligi var ama
+ aynı zamanda en son okulla kışla ya geziye gitmiştik Otokar Cobra ya stinger takma girişimleri vardı lutfen onu da kullanın
ektra soru= Altay sabot mermiler kullanabiliyormu ?

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Not only that but what about vehicles like the FNSS Pars?ACV-300 and stuff like that
but yeah the question of "balancing" comes in

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