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A brand new update for Rocket Wars featuring two new awesome game modes along with a bunch of lovely tweaks and fixes!

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Huge new update now live!

First of all we want to say a big thanks to all of you who have bought and are playing Rocket Wars!

Today we have released a big new update featuring 2 brand new game modes and lots of other updates to the game!

The two new game modes


Each player or team has a goal and you win by destroying the other teams goal with a big ol' spaceball!

This new game mode focuses more on maneuvers and tricks that outright destruction.


In entangled 2 players are 'tied' together and will grow in power the closer they are to each other and grow weaker the further apart they are.

This mode offers some great tactical choices and tradeoffs because you also grow bigger in size when you are more powerful, making you easier to hit!

This game mode focuses heavily on team play and coordination and is therefore only available as 2v2

Please note that in the play menu you can now switch between FFA and Team mode

Additional updates and fixes


  • You can now use both a keyboard and a controller together!
  • Scoreboards show player health
  • New badges added


  • Everybody can now control to menu, so no more trouble when player one goes for a toilet break.
  • Upgraded input plugin, which should mean more gamepads are supported
  • Perrformance optimization


  • Solved a lot of gamepad handling issues
  • Made controls reminder show controls for every input type that is in use
  • Blacklisted some badges for some gamemodes, since they didn't make much sense (least deaths in survival etc.)
  • Made countdown text scale according to screen size

You can help!

We would love to get more visibility for Rocket Wars and the easiest step right now is that ourr review score goes public.

All you have to do is write a review for the game, and when Steam thinks that we have enough, it will show up publicly which will help new players know what the existing community thinks of the game.

Once again, thank you for playing and we hope to bring you more updates in the future!

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