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New weapon types for Bad Guy Brawl including a series of two handed weapons and weapons that require manual action. This adds a new layer of complexity but also interactivity to the combat system.

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We finally have a working two handed weapon system. In addition to that, as seen above, we have added a variety of actions that can be performed on a two handed weapon. The one pictured above is the ability to bring your controllers closer together and then back apart again to work the pump action of a shotgun.

We have also added the ability to work a bolt action without removing connection with the weapon in the two handed configuration. This is done in the opposite fashion from the pump action. The player pulls their controllers apart and then brings them back together. This allows for a simplified version of what a lot of VR games have for bolt action controls.

With the addition of these control features we are now within sight of the closed beta test. For those of you interested in being a part of the closed beta test please follow this link: {Insert Link to closed beta site}

In addition to the control changes, we have also added fully funtional scopes to the game. This is done with the help of what are called render textures. To put it simply it is using a camera and drawing what the camera sees on the outside of an in game object. In this case it’s being drawn on disc that has been set inside a scope body.

The next piece to be added is the final gun/weapon mechanic, grenades! This includes projectile explosives such as the m79 thumper and RPG.

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