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Alright, it has come to my attention that some people are against the changes to the envoronment of Fallout 3. Its time we had a chat about this topic.

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This is your President, John Henry - haha, gotcha! 2 Slayer here, hows everybody doing? I have noticed some people (some who have been following my mod for a while) have been protesting my decision to stray away from the Fallout universe, even though it may be more realistic.

So I will lay it out nice and easy for you guys: Version 6 will most likely be the last Reborn release for Fallout 3. Don't expect V7, but it is possible. I wanna know if you think Version 6 should remove the changes made in Version 5 to the story (Coca-cola, green world, no rads, ect). Many fanboys have been complaining about the changes to the story, and in a way, I understand. I certainly would be uncertain about a mod that changed up the Quake storyline.

However, it is my mod, so I do have 100% control over what is done with it. With that being said, I do read and reply to all feedback about my mod and I cannot help hear a lot of whining about this issue. So what I want you guys to do is comment below whether you think V6 should progress with the graphical changes and some minor realism enhancements to the environment, or should I revert to the standard Fallout brown-grey dystopia. I'll let you guys vote on it, and if there are enough votes, I'll tally it up and make my decision based on that.


Revert to the standard Fallout brown-grey dystopia :)
Otherwise it's not Fallout with its very own ambiance...

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im with going back to the gray of the landscape, but the changes like coca cola is fine.

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Slayer_2 Author

So far: destroyed world 2, green world O.

7 more days till the polls are closed.

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your the one doing the work,keep it how you want it.personally i like a bit more green.

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