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Time for a test release. Nowhere near finshed, but I guess its better than nothing.

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Well, after.. lets see... nearly 7 years... I felt it was time for an update again.

However, this is not a final version but more of a... let’s call it "Release Candidate" or maybe a "Beta".

You see, back in the day when people figured out how to add models from RA3 and TT to CnC3, I added many units, but not all found a place in the game. And someday I decided I had enough to make new factions, my own interpretation of CABAL and the Forgotten basicly.

Sadly, they didn’t work as well as I hoped and will need a lot of polish.
So why do I release it then?
Two reasons, mostly: Because the mod is currently a bit in a slump and I am hoping that some feedback and fresh ideas might help. And I feel that there some cool things in TWA that deserve to see the light of day.

So, is TWA finished? No, not really. GDI, Nod and Scrin should be pretty much feature complete (through chances are some rough edges need more work), CABAL is mostly complete (through I am still unhappy with some stuff) while the Forgotten are missing the top of their tech tree (no super weapon, no Mammoth/Avatar/Tripod counterpart) and lack special powers. As such, it might be best to consider CABAL and the Forgotten as bonus/easter eggs until they are finished. Nonetheless, both factions have functioning a AI and should work on nearly all maps, official or custom.

Features that I can remember:
-various KW units and abilities (like Specter, Mantis, Mechapede, Shatterer, Titan and Epic units) and TT (Sandstorm, Mastodon and others)
-new upgrades and abilities
-various QoL improvements (for example, Scrin building now have icons over them to show what upgrades have been purchased, Commandos have faction decal to make them easier to spot and various other stuff I cant remember) and various bug fixes
-added more effects (smoke, flames, lights) and sounds to a lot of units and buildings

As said initially, this is basically a public beta to find bugs and collect ideas, so I certainly plan to release updates and finish the factions (especially now that we are able to edit the UI thanks to the new tools by jonwil). Chance are I will also release some edited MP maps to make use of the new TWA tech buildings that remain unused atm, maybe even fix the SP campaign if I can stop fiddling around with the unit roosters.
I also intend to release the Source code later on once the biggest problems have been fixed and the files have been cleaned up some more, but no promises.

PS: Please note that most of the CABAL/Forgotten units use placeholder models from TW/TT/RA3 as I am no 3d artist. I tried to make sure that all models are unique and fitting for the role of the unit, but you will recognize some of the models from the other games. Unless you’re willing to make new models, don’t bother complaining as I can’t do much to change that.

PPS: CABALs voice in TS was rather limited; hence there are some phrases where CABAL will use the TW Nod Eva sounds. Not much I can do unless someone makes a Text to CABAL voice program.


congratulations on restarting the mod again! i look forward to see you work.
the most cool unit i saw in your mod and remained in my memory from 1.72version is the scrin artillery. i think scrin deserves it and the behavior and power is balanced in my opinion.

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This was unexpected!

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