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These are the balance changes I put in and I am testing them now.

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UPDATE July 6 : Patck 1.1 is out!

This partial version is out.
IG, 40k Sm, IG/krieg IG and CSM turrets are in.
Legion, GK, Tau, orks, eldar, nids turrets not in yet.
The patch is a test release for the balance changes.
If ther are any glaring errors, I can release a fix for them with the full turret patch soon.
The patch needs the 1.0 version to work.

-SM turrets are done, IG turrets are done, Chaos turrets are in bugfix state.

The poll before had these items, and these are my changes based on them:

Colour key for:
-Green is working as intended, or made stronger.
-Red is something reduced, made weaker.
-Yellow is BUG found and fixed.
-Blue is something fundamentally altered in how it works.

A: Some tier 1 units getting a general health boost upgrade in Tier 3.

Tier1 units are lasting longer in the endgame. DONE

B: Reduce the melee damage of more advanced melee units (Nobs, Vanguards), so that they don't outpace T1 melees that much.

-All CC units received a small 10-20% damage reduction. DONE

Units and vehicles last a bit longer, but melee is still potent.

Leman Russes and Baneblades should not be minced by 2 genestealer squads.
Hero melee weapons, or squad leader melee weapons were untouched.
Very weak melee units like Tacticals, Gaunts, ork boys, guardians etc didnt get melee damage nerf.

C: Rework all anti infantry rapid fire guns to do less damage overall.

-I reworked this so that now ranged Anti-troop guns are in line with melee weapons. DONE

The Weapon firing mechanism in DoW2 has 5 main parts.
Damage, Range, Reload, Burst and Cooldown.
Cooldown is the time between bursts.
Burst is the amount of shells fired per second, and the amount of seconds they are fired for.
Reload is the reload time that you have to spend reloading after firing X shots.
If even one of cooldown, reload, or burst was out of synch, it could make one heavy bolter do ten times as much damage as another heavy bolter.

Now before I reworked them, these were all over the place.
I made them much more generalised and easy to see through.
Now the anti-infantry firepower of all armies should not differ that much.

This helped solves a lot of issues and your units definately last a bit longer.

Hopefully this will solve issues of anti-troop guns wearing down targets too fast they weren't intended to, like Wartrukks exploding instant to heavy bolters.

-Bolters fire their bursts much slower, but deal greater damage per bolt. Over all they do slightly less damage.
-Fire warrior pulse guns, all eldar and ork Anti infantry rifles received a slight damage decrease.
-Heavy bolters, psycannons, big shootas/deffguns and shuriken cannons received a reduction to damage and rate of fire.
-Assault cannons and Hurricane bolters received a 90% and 50% damage reduction.
They are still the most powerful anti infantry rapid fire weapons in game however.
They were doing enough damage in a single second to wipe out entire armies before with around 120000dps for assault cannons, and 18000dps AOE damage for hurricane bolters.
-Heavy/Bolter damage is now consistent across the game.

A heavy bolter deals double the damage as a bolter, and has a higher rate of fire. A storm bolter deals twice as much damage as a bolter, and a hurricane bolter 6 times as much damage. Twin linked HBs deal twice as much damage as single ones. Assault cannons do less damage per shot than heavy bolters, but fire much more shots and have better armour piercing.
Shootas deal less damage than bolters, but fire more shots. Shurikens deal less damage than shootas, but fire even more shots with chance of extra damage for "finding weak spot in armour" .
Tau weapons deal generally less shots, but do higher damage and have better armour piercing.

-Tau burst/anti infantry weapons and Eldar Starcannons did not get nerfed.
While other weapons had high damage and rate of fire, tau weapons had already low damage values but with great AP value due to being plasma weapons. So they did not need adjustments.

-All Imperial and Chaos melta and plasma, eldar-tau fusion weapons have had their rate of fire increased to 4 seconds. They received a slight damage buff to compensate for this, expect those used by Tau Crisis suits which were untouched.

-Flamers/snipers are untouched.

-Tau Crisis suits were not nerfed in any way yet. Their fusion/plasma/rocket pod weapons fire faster than everybody else's. They also share these with the Tau commander.
They were underperforming greatly. If they are too powerful, their heavy weapons may get nerfed in time if needed.

D: Rework anti tank (rokkits, lascannons) or AOE heavy weapons (Plasma cannons, baneblade cannon) to fire less often, thus making all units survive for longer.

-All heavy weapon firing increased to 6 second reload, expect missiles who got to 5 seconds. -Demolisher cannons and long range artillery still retain their 10 second reload time. DONE

-Some heavy weapons like Leman Russ battlecannon and Plasma cannons have received a 25% damage bonus because their rate of fire is now twice as slow.

-Krak missiles now have Bigger AOE so they are not totally overshadowed by Lascannons.

-IG Grenade launchers had their rate of fire reduced to 5 seconds, but their damage drastically increased.
-Autocannons now fire much less, but more powerful rounds with a bigger AOE.
-Predator heavy Autocannons now conform to DoW2 and HH lore, doing heavier damage but slower rate of fire than standard autocannons. The predator autocannon always looked bigger than most other autocannons in 40k so this makes sense. Plus a single autocannon would be too weak a weapon for any tank, so Relic and FW had the right idea.
These two weapons fire faster than other heavy weapons, but do less damage per shot.

-A cooldown bug with Rokkit Launcha was fixed that let it do insane damage through super fast rate of fire. Now it should not be that much out of line.
-Tankbustas had their damage slightly increased to be in line with other anti tank weaponry's dps.

This lends to more survivability for infantry AND tanks.

E: Increased base defeses and turret building. HALFWAY DONE

Not yet implemented. Will be.

Space Marines: DONE
-Heavy Bolter Tarantula Sentry Tier1 : Suppresses infantry in area and deals medium anti-infantry damage. This is for thinning hordes. Can be Upgraded to all other Sentries, built by Scouts.
-Multilaser Tarantula Sentry Tier1 : Deals good anti-infantry/light vehicle damage. Does not Supress, this is for dealing with stronger infantry and commanders.
-Lascannon Tarantula Sentry : Slow firing, does very heavy damage to single target. Apparently this one never got an in game model made, so I can't implement it. Relic must have made the attribute files for it but scrapped the idea before making a model. Derp.
-Hunter Killer Missile Launcher Tarantula Sentry Tier2: Since lascannons turrets were not really made, this one fires Hunter Killer missiles. These are very powerful anti tank missiles. This will take the place of the lascannon turret.

Chaos Marines: DONE
-Heavy Bolter Tarantula Sentry Tier1: Suppresses infantry in area and deals medium anti-infantry damage. Can be Upgraded to all other Sentries, built by Cultists.
-Lascannon Tarantula Sentry Tier2 : Slow firing, does very heavy damage to single target.
-Havoc Missile Launcher Tarantula Sentry Tier1 : Fires quick volleys of anti-infantry missiles, dealing great damage but no supression. Akin to Multilaser turret.
-Tzeentch Shrines Tier1: These can shoot magic bolts that deal powerful anti infantry AOE damage. Built by Cultists.

Imperial Guard: DONE
-Battle cannon turret Tier1: More health than other turrets. Deals good , small suppressive AOE damage and knocback. Can be Upgraded to all other turrets Built by (Krieg) Guardsmen. This Replaces the Multilaser Sentries .
-Plasma cannon turret Tier2 : More health than other turrets. Deals great , big AOE damage.
-Vanquisher cannon turret Tier2: More health than other turrets. Deals very heavy damage to single target. Akin to lascannon turrets.

Tau: Work in Progress
-Not sure yet. Would need more models. I may have to proxy Eldar turrets for Tau, or have immobile drone sentry swarms? Built by Fire warriors?

Tyranids: Work in Progress
-Deployable Spore mine turret Tier1: medium AOE damage and knocback. Akin to a lighter battle cannon. Regenerates. Built by Gaunts.
-Immobile Biovore Tier2: More health than other turrets. Long range anti infantry AOE damage and suppression. Slow firing, lower dps than usual turrets, but more range . More durable than the mobile unit. Regenerates. Built by Gaunts.
-Immobile Hive Guard Tier2: More health than other turrets. Great single target damage. Akin to lascannon/vanquisher. More durable than the mobile unit. Regenerates. Built by Gaunts.

Orks: Work in Progress
- Big shoota turret Tier1: Anti infantry damage and suppression. Built by ork boyz.
-Not sure yet. Would need more models. I may have to proxy Beamy deffgun turrets with the shoota one.

Eldar: Work in Progress

Shuriken cannon Immobile Grav platform Tier1: Suppression and good light infantry damage. Akin to Heavy bolter/Big shootas. Can be Upgraded to all other platforms, is built by Guardians.
Scatter laser Immobile Grav platform Tier1: Good against light and medium infantry, better accuracy at long range. Akin to Multilaser Tarantula.
Star cannon Immobile Grav platform Tier2: Good damage against all infantry and light vehicles. Small damage per individual shot, but fast firing.
Plasma missile Immobile Grav platform Tier2: AOE missile blast, good against everything. Akin to weaker Plasma cannon.
Bright Lance Immobile Grav platform Tier2 : Heavy single target damage. Akin to lascannons/Vanquishers.
D cannon Immobile Grav platform Tier3: AOE heavy blast, slow rater of fire.
HERO wargear was very seldom nerfed, and if so, only by little. Expect Force commander assault cannon. See point C. Some were buffed like Chaos lord twin bolters to be in line with other hero weapons.

Imperial guard heavy weapon costs were reduced for standard IG squad.

I'm still doing E for next release, and latest release has A implemented.

If you got any opinions or advice, feel free to post them as a comment to this article.

Please give me any advice you have on turrets.


is there any way to make this possible to play in multyplayer? because as it stands, this is un-useable in multyplayer, me and a buddy were trying to get this to work but it dident and we both want to know when you'll make this compatible with multyplayer

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Turrets stuff looks good. Also, MrBaneblade, multiplayer does work, in fact I play pretty consistently with my friends, so something is going wrong on your end. Private matches don't seem to work however, you need (or at least, we do) to set up a public match. Then just invite your friend through steam.

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DeusImperator Author

I'll add this info to the readme, thank you!

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Happy to help. Also if you need/want an additional play tester/beta tester or whatever, I'd be happy to help.

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Whats your problem with it? I´ve been playing with several friends just fine.

Do you all have the same version of the game and mod?

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DeusImperator Author

It is compatible with multiplayer, some people already played it with that.

Perhaps one of you has the -dev command on, or is running other mods beside it, or maybe not both Dow2-s are the English version?

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any idea when the next update will be?

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DeusImperator Author

When I can get the base defenses in.

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great man, u are putting lot of effort in this mod!i really like this mod :)

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This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

DeusImperator Author

Afraid not. Some new space marine textures dont have medium/low textures and thus crush the game if you try it on medium/low.

Try changing the Texture Quality to Ultra before you install the mod.

I think all the other settings can be on as low as possible.

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