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Turok 2+ is for those looking for an enhanced Turok 2 game experience (singleplayer only) without straying too far from the original design intent. Based upon, redesigns, refines and fixes the Turok 2: Ascension mod.

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Experience a faithfully upgraded Turok 2: Seeds of Evil singleplayer experience.


Brief Feature Summary:

Enhanced Weapon Design: new alternate fire modes, better balance, new effects and more.
Improved Artificial Intelligence: new attacks, gravely underutilized behavior put to good use, new dynamic spawning and so on.
Subtle Graphics Enhancements: weapon textures, gore, lighting, and other effects.
New Player Mechanics: spirit cannon, double jump (with minor level tweaks to accommodate), new alt fire modes, and increased movement speed to match Turok 1 speeds.
Better Level Design: significantly improved Totem Defense maps, polish where needed, enhanced encounter design, better enemy spawning to account for extended draw distance & ledge-grabbing, new surprises on higher difficulties, and more. Layout is not changed.
Difficulty Rebalance: between mouselook, extended draw distance, quicksaves and "show hints" (and new alt fires etc added in this mod), the remaster of Turok 2 is not the brutal beast the game originally was on the N64. If you pick higher difficulty modes you'll face more enemies (as one example) to compensate.
-Bug fixes: various issues addressed and a professional standard of polish.

The full changelog is available in the mod download. Or alternatively here:

Also now patched to version 1.1 with the following fixes:

-river of souls 1 fixed frequent crashing when taking the first secret path on the left
-death marsh 2 fixed a spawn issue
-port of adia 3 reduced chances of enemies running into fires
-minor fix to flare gun behaviour
-fixed the bridge on riverofsouls_1 sometimes failing to rise
-Vanilla Bugfix: fixed big delay when throwing sunfire pods

For those already playing: Just download and install T2+ again from moddb to apply the patch to your game. Note that any level changes (e.g river of souls 1 fixes) will only apply if loading a save game from before ever entering level 2, or a new game.

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