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Turnover's main theme, the audio mix, and OS X fixes are detailed in this dev blog post.

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Here’s a preview of Turnover’s title theme. Give it a listen!

Turnover’s title theme was composed by Jeremiah Pena, and it will debut in beta #3. It’s a fantastic piece and it really contributes to the mood of the game. I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.

Jeremiah is an incredibly talented composer and was a pleasure to work with. You can listen to a number of his compositions at his website, Get in touch with him if you are looking for a composer. You won’t be disappointed.

Beta 3 - Sound Mix

While I was incorporating the theme into the game, I realized the audio aspect of Turnover was not up to snuff. In response, beta #3 will have a completely new sound mix.

I took some time to calibrate the audio so it is suitable for headphones and speakers. My goal was to help enhance the tense atmosphere of the game while retaining a solid dynamic range. The audio now should be much more pleasing than with the previous betas.

Beta 2 - OS X Hotfixes & Windows 10

Last week, I pushed an update to the Steam beta build that fixed a startup problem in Mac OS X. One tester provided valuable information that helped me track down the problem. Thanks Eric!

Today, I pushed a second hotfix to OS X to fix a crashing issue when Turnover is exited. I think this knocks out any withstanding technical problems with the OS X build and brings it up to par with the others (hopefully).

Also, it seems Turnover runs fine in Windows 10. I have only had to fix one bug. I will be adding Windows 10 to the the list of supported OSes.

Beta Testing Sign Ups Are Closed

I’ve closed the sign up page for beta testers, as many generous people have signed up and are providing feedback. I’ll reopen the sign up page when beta #3 is nearing launch.

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