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There's a lot of stuff in this update, seriously. Too much for this summary. You just have to read the full package, sorry.

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So... we made the Top 100 mods of 2013. I didn't expect that... I didn't promote TSRLCM anywhere (unlike previous year). Our latest release was december 28th 2012, and the update in the works doesn't make a 2013 release date, so yes, very unexpected.

But since we made it anyway, let's take this time to thank all our voters. Not with a mere 'thank you' but a big giant update on what's coming early 2014'ish...

As most probably already know, 2 updates are in the works, TSLRCM 1.8.3, which continues on polishing off KOTOR2 with fixing the most recent detected bugs. and M4-78EP's patch, which gives our very own story another line of polish, content, and should attend most of the weak points people had with it.

Pazaak - 1.8.3 preview
Atton and the PC playing Pazaak in a 1.8.3 cutscene.

Let's first talk TSLRCM 1.8.3. As you can expect with the time it took, it's considerable bigger than 1.8.1 and 1.8.2 combined. Don't expect major leaps though, 1.8's done pretty much everything possible to the game, it's just fixing all the tiny little snippets of little bugs that dare popping up from time to time. And even though we have been at it quite some time, there apparently are still vanilla issues around only to be found now. Like how messed up all the soundsets on the Ravager were. I sincerly hope after this there's no need for a 1.8.4.

Serroco extended attack
Serroco attack on Exchange compount as of 1.8.3

So let's take a look at the PRELIMINARY fixlog of 1.8.3. Subject to change for whatever reason, and also not completely complete yet.


General - Ebon Hawk;
* Fixed 'Lost Shadows' not closing proper on a certain ending (both TSLRCM and M4-78EP).
* Restored addition HK-47 line.
* Loot fixes; Missing merchants of 1.8 updated, gloves_03 is missing, if it's rolled it will return gloves_02 now instead of no item at all.
* Added a few additional lines to the Korriban introduction. A few more for non-M4-78EP users (they will be taken out upon installing M4-78EP) as those were already in use on that planet's intro.
* Added Atton pazaak scene.
* Extra camera points post-Peragus cutscene.
* Fixes teammates turning upon click during Visas fight, Bao-Dur line's unconscious line was voiced.
* Added a missing Mandalore VO.
* Improved quality Kaevee VO. (thanks to danil-ch)
* Resotred PMHA03 Male face option for PC. (thanks to Kainzorus Prime)

Peragus - Telos:
* Fixed Harbinger missing if reloading a save after it docked.
* Fixed protocol droid with quest update being repaired during and after convo.
* Fixed utility droids re-activating if talked to and reloading a savegame.
* Wounded Onderon military will only give teammate influence if you kill him yourself, not if he gets killed by Sith.
* Fixed black screen if talking to a Handmaiden and goading them to fighting if you won the 5 sister battle.
* In attempt to prevent the teammate corruption (which I could not reproduce) the fade-to-black will now last longer, until the sisters turns actually hostile.
* Handmaiden will lower her hood when loading the module from a savegame.

Nar Shaddaa:
* Swoop Droid no longer sounds like Kinrath.
* Extended attack of the Serroco.
* Saquesh; Allows you to "[intimidate] Stop pressuring the Refugees" if Serroco attacked them and intimidation option for Adana will no longer automatically fail.
* Fixed killing Geriel possibly reopening Refugee Woes. It now no longer updates the quests, since the proper updates are already set talking to Saquesh instead, and as stated, was buggy.
* Docks scene with Mira; Hanharr no longer takes 9 seconds (sometimes leaving a pause) but the duration of the VO-line.
* During Mira or Hanharr's escape an actual alarm now sounds.
* Reinforcements at the JJT are no longer deleted after the cutscene deploying them.
* JJT Map back popup dialogue fixed.
* You can no longer dance for the Twi'lek domo during the run to the JJT (after visquis call). This to prevent the player from missing key triggers.
* Zhug Cutscene: Added another global set to the .dlg on an unskippable line as precaution, hopefully fixing the issue some people had with it not being set.
* If you turn over shield from secondary to primary AFTER shutting down primary the zhugs will actually spawn now.
* If the player overloads the droids now after the bounty hunters spawn, the droids will properly reset to hostile if made friendly, as per the description.

Dxun and Onderon:
* Slight improvements to Kreia's dialogue post-Onderon if Bao-Dur was Dxun Tomb leader.
* Remote is now present if Bao-Dur is the leader of the Dxun Tomb group (thanks JCarter426).
* Covered up some missing area geometry on Onderon (thanks to JCarter426's way too good eyes :))

* When the Handmaiden apprehends Kreia, she should have her hood down. It wasn't working however, since the animation was set for the Handmaidens event instead of the Handmaiden one.
* Zherron will now take the will and bodies out of the player's hands when receiving an unmodified will, instead of having you drag them through the entire game (fake will worked fine).
* Fixed issue with restored Vrook line not turning him hostile properly in the cave.
* Fixed infinite Kinrath crystal spawn bug.
* Fixed HK's infront of the academy not updating questlog if 3rd group (display issue, the cutscene would have still triggered on the Hawk).

* Modified broken soundsets.
* Set hyperspace as EH background when leaving, so it's used during the pre-Malachor cutscene.
* Modified Mandalore-takedown.
* You can no longer start the battle with Nihilus without him draining you (since that's the ingame way to tell why the exile can defeat Nihilus when no-one else can).
* Made the fade-in node unskippable since you could, and never make the fade-in.
* Expanded the kneel and get drained a bit, instead of it instantly leading to combat.
* There's no long pause after killing Visas.
* Visas Suicide; Users where the animation fails (no saber, no clothing, etc) will no longer be stuck on a blackscreen.
* Visas Suicide; Users where the animation works will no longer see Visas falling to the ground twice before dying.

M4-78EP (Patch)

M4-78EP Patch Preview
Droid target practice, M4-78EP Patch

Unlike TSLRCM 1.8.3, the M4-78EP update is more that, an update, than a patch. While many issues have been resolved too, most of it's development time has been used up on making some new stuff, adding to existing stuff, and completely overhauling certain endgame cutscenes.
With, with the Oddessey engine, was quite the pain sometimes (read: most of the time), which explains why it took so long while on paper the changelist is relatively minor.
However, the changes, the additions, the modifications, it's all been done in the effort to make the planet even more attractive and fun to play, break up boring segments in the game, or to make clearer that which was unclear to many people in the older version, without going around holding hands or adding questicons or radars.

M4-78EP Patch Preview

TSLRCM 1.8.3 is currently the most 'finished' of the 2 mods. Fortunately, the M4-78EP patch is starting to get into good shape, and several of the additions in it are completely functional already. I'm working pretty much on them at the same time, switching around inbetween them for whatever bug or tweak was top on the 'to-do' list. Also both will be released similtaniously.
Despite that, they still are, and will remain 2 complete seperate mods.

M4-78EP Patch Preview
Vash is no more...

And now it's time to take a look at the preliminary changelog of M4-78EP. Intentionally keeping the modifications vague and just going into detail on bugfixes. Same will be at release, so hopefully there will be plenty of pleasant surprises left for people who have already played M4-78EP before. Similar to TSLRCM 1.8.3 above the changelist is subject to change for whatever reason, and likewise not completely complete yet.


! Fixed "stuttering droid" bug.
! Additional content!
! Added 2 easter eggs. Go find them ;)
! Modified endgame sequences.
! Telos Attack and the Rebuild Academy are now properly updated like they should, as they were accidentily left out of the original installation.
! Various spelling and grammatical fixes throughout the mod.
! Updated several quest entries for added clarity.

* Killing Vash will no longer incorrectly increment 000_Jedi_Killed, which could lead to various issues.
* Fixed Vash appearing on M4-78 too soon when talking to T3 about the Jedi Masters.
* Fixed Vash appearing injured if it stated M4-78 and not dead when talking to T3.
* Changed hyperspace to look a little more like vanilla hopefully.

* Fixed Lost Jedi not updating sometimes. (T3 hint)
* Fixed convo break and no quest update with Disciple. (no Atton)
* Fixed Disciple vo/st mismatch.

M4-78 Landing path:
* Fixed exile appearing shortly before the interlude cutscene.

M4-78 Cental Zone:
* Changed mechanics of the M4-78 door opening, preventing the door to open but an invisible wall still blocking you entrance in certain cases. Also fixed the door still being visibly floating above the building when open.
* Modified broken droid dialogue to make it slightly more obvious where to get the droid legs.
* If you kill Vash you will now also get a proper introduction to M4-78.
* The force field can no longer be bashed by a lightsaber (if so, why was Vash still there?)
* Fixed "hidden ending."

M4-78 Environmental Zone:
* Fixed HK not being re-added after HK-50 fight (missing file).

M4-78 Industrial Zone:
* Fixed missing questupdate from retrieving memory core from living astrodroids.
* Fixed all astrodroids once broken being able to give the part, not just the one who should have got it.
* Fixed IS-56 sometimes not talking about I0-01, blocking progress.
* Some Droid Designers were sent back to work, and will now use the computer animation instead of standing around doing nothing.
* Fixed medical vendor showing all stims twice in his inventory.

M4-78 Core:
* Fixed Kaah not properly appearing when leaving the mainframe in some cases.
* Kaah will no longer drop a lightsaber upon being killed.
* "M4-78: Recent History" will now close with a failure quest description if you enter the M4-78 core while it being rendered unfinishable.

M4-78 flooded sections:
* IS-43 will now look the same during and after the radiation flood.


So, once again, thank you for voting, watching and liking the TSLRCM and M4-78EP mods. Don't forget that now that we are in the top 100 anyway, we might aswell get #1, so feel free to vote!I hope you enjoyed this update, and hopefully, the next update will be with a release! 0_o Will probably post some screenshots and video's(?) inbetween. If you wonder now "when will it be released" there's no set date. It's extremely unlikely to be this year, so the aim is for 2014 (fortunately that lasts 365 days so plenty of time, no?).

Also, now that you're here... if you are interested in Obsidian storytelling (which you are, since you are reading this), look back to the good old RPG times of Baldur's Gate II, and have not yet kickstarter backed Project Eternity, now is the time for you. The game got a name, Pillars of Eternity, and you can check out the Obsidian website to become a backer, which not only gets you the game (provided enough dollars are paid) but also will allow them to make the game even better!So if you're as enthusiastic about that prospect as me, yet didn't backed them yet like me, go over there and give it a look... and maybe your money!

Salk - - 296 comments

Great update! Thanks, HH!

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♠Atroxyph - - 1,230 comments

Aye, was nice to read the update :D.

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Xaven - - 11 comments

Don't be modest, you people have made an excellent mod!

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Thaiauxn - - 1,672 comments

I watched this project for years through all its phases and trials. Really glad it's getting a spot on the top 100! Absolutely deserves it. Cheers

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Hassat_Hunter Author
Hassat_Hunter - - 1,096 comments

Well, we ended up on 10 last year :)
Let's see how well we do this year...

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Guest - - 689,098 comments

is TSLRCM 1.8.3 out yet ???

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Hassat_Hunter Author
Hassat_Hunter - - 1,096 comments

"the update in the works doesn't make a 2013 release date"
Should speak for itself I think.

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Guest - - 689,098 comments

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dumpydoodaa - - 1,141 comments

Can you change the voice of the first droid you meet after entering the M4-78EP complex?
It sounds like some surfer dude or something.
It's should be mechanical sounding,shouldn't it?
Can't you get an English guy to voice it ?
There must be some computer program available that can synthesize the voice.

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dumpydoodaa - - 1,141 comments

surfer dude might have being over-egging it a bit :)

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