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V.27 of TS2 Redux is out, featuring improvements to the installer and new additions to its mod list. Among those additions is a port of Haunted Edition, including content unique to the Homefront version of TimeSplitters 2!

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TimeSplitters 2 Redux, the project to fix up the Homefront port of the game on PC, has been getting steady updates since its initial v.1 release. We're up to v.27 now, and it features general improvements along with a mod I've been passionate about working on - the PC version of Haunted Edition!

Experience the survival horror mod on a native PC game, with Keyboard+Mouse support and widescreen options! All five story missions return, plus a bonus level and three modded challenges to try your luck at! PAK mods also introduce some exciting options like new gun models, different level props, and two restored TS1 tracks!

Additionally, the update includes mods to make the cut John Vattic character playable and reincorporate the unused TS1 gun models into Homefront's TS2. It isn't clear why they were included in the Homefront port, but why look a gift horse in the mouth? Now the TS1 throwables, Blunderbuss, and even more weapons can be used in TS2!

V.27 of TS2 Redux can be installed on top of its previous versions. Just make sure to choose between the Remix Mod, Haunted Edition, TS1Guns, and Playable John Vattic! Only one of those game-changing mods can be active at once.

Thanks for reading and following the development of TS2 Redux! We all hope you enjoy the new release as much as we enjoyed working on it!


skullkan6 - - 334 comments

So how would we get haunted edition running on the Homefront version?

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YossarianAssyrian Author
YossarianAssyrian - - 69 comments

Sorry for the very late reply, but it is included in the TS2 Redux installer. Just choose to install "Haunted Mod" and deselect any other mod options.

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