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New version of Truth mod features bug fixes and remastered visuals. Plus, an early screenshot from upcoming new map has been released.

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First of all, I would like to thank everyone who downloaded and played Truth, and also thanks a lot to players who rated and commented on YouTube, here, on forums, on group for receiving it well. I got some pretty inspiring feedback, and it's really great to know that people liked it, and that some even enjoyed it more than the original game.

Recently I replayed the mod and noticed that it has a lot of perfectible moments. I decided to make a remastered version where they all are addressed.

One of the aspects of remastering was to improve the look of the mod in 16:9 widescreen mode, since 1920x1080 monitors are popular today. Few camera angles were changed to make them look better in Vert- mode, and optional widescreen fix which increases the player's FOV to make the gameplay Hor+ is included in the download.

Speaking of cutscenes, one of them could use more sounds, and few of them could use better color correction at intense moments. This is also addressed here.

A lot of attention was put into the look of the level. Texture seams were removed. Lighting has been made more realistic. Light no longer gets through walls where it shouldn't, and shadows were added where possible.

Screenshots and teaser were also remastered - now they are in FullHD resolution. You can see some of them below to decide if you want to check this mod out.

Truth Mod Screenshot FullHD

Mansion Yard FullHD


Mansion 2nd floor FullHD

FlyTrap FullHD

Just in case anyone has problems with completing the mod, a walkthrough is now available.

More maps are planned. If I survive long enough and get to making them, a media release will be published when there's something to show. For now, here's an old previously unreleased screenshot from level that comes after the Abandoned Mansion - Underground Sewer Canals:

Canals Screenshot 1

That's all for now. Hope to see you again in the future Canals Media Release, and if you'd like to give Truth Mod a try or replay it with improved experience,


Il à l'air de gérer perso juste les vidéos ces bon :D

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