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Truth about New and Old Canon. Old Canon was bad... but New must be like Gem.

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Truth about New and Old Canon. Old Canon was bad... but New must be like Gem.

Yeah its truth. I worked with Old Canon all 2017 year. I worked with it till the january. And then i understood. Old Canon wasn`t my victory. Yeah, it was my crushing and terrible defeat.

So i`m working with New Canon, because i really want Victory. Big victory in this universe.

Old Canon was full of mistakes, full of logics errors, plot disorder and many other bad things. It wasn`t my success, so i decided to change the Canon even in this january.

Now i have almost 10 finished stories about the New Canon. New Canon is working.

and i hope, we all can do it better. We all friends. You`re helping me anytime, i know. And if you`re still have desire, please lets do it together again.

Old Canon was my defeat. I made full analysis of my old works. It was... awful.

But New Canon... New Canon is my future. Future of my universe. Future of the "Infinitas".

Yeah, it was myself-critics, i know. But its truth. Truth is better then thousand empty words and annoying advertising. Truth is the golden thing.

If you have other opinion, write there.

If you`re will be silent, its will be your agreement with my words. To be silent - to be agree with this opinion. I know, you know about the truth. But i promise you... I will never dissapoint you again.

Yours Alex


Let's hope that the new canon will be better. In my opinion you shall read more diverse literature yourself. It opens eyes a lot

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