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An article showing off everything that's been done in 2022 and talking about our future plans.

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Mae govannen!

As we near the end of 2022, I wanted to let you guys know that my absence was not without reason. All this time, I have been doing code works that I could not show off the community! Map progress has been going on swiftly, and while we have not completed all of our objectives for this year, the results so far are satisfacatory!

- Around 85% of the second map has been finished ( Only Part left to be done is Southern Darkwood and a very well known fortress placed here)


- Our unique worldmap concept has been very well received so we will continue with it for all of our maps

Screenshot 2022 09 04 230337

- Yet another big step forward is the programming of our Spell Creator, which has been shown off in our Discord Channel recently

Screenshot 2022 11 18 130122

- Updated character/npc models


And much more!

--Plans for 2023--

- Completion of the 2nd map ( 85%/100%);

- Completion of 1/2 of the 3rd map;

- Introduction of at least 2 new races;

- Populate a large part of our current maps with NPCs;

- Integration of our Worldmap and Spell Creator systems;

- Character models animations and textures rework;

- Professional interface remaster;

- Opening of our Alpha Version;

That is all for today... May the Gods be with you!

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