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This is our new game version 1.26a. See what has changed.

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Finally, I'm proud to annouce the 1.26a patch! This game version will include many bug fixes, and the new class skill system. When you level up your character, it receives 1 skill point (only after level 5). Use this skill points to level up any skill you like. Remeber, all classes will have different skills from each other. Please, update your game version now and check what's new! Here is the 1.26a version log: Version Log

Changes in 1.26a:

Bug Fixes:

- Fixed Some Shop Listing Bugs
- Fixed a bug were the client sometimes crashed on a battle start or in map change
- Fixed Minimap player mapping
- Added measures to avoid players not seeing each other
- Fixed a bug were the equip list was not showing correctly
- Fixed a bug were battle freezes
- Fixed a bug were a character was not revived when a White Leaf was used
- Fixed a bug were in some cases, enemies did not received area skills
- Fixed a major bug were characters earned more than 1 attribute point per level
- Fixed a but were bad and good status were incorrectly placed
- Fixed some minor bugs with pointing hands
- Added Measures to avoid Lag
- Added Measures to avoid game crashing when entering in a battle

New Development:
- The player may now skip the battle end by pressing the left mouse key
- Added New Monster Grapphics
- Added New Battle animations
- Music and Sound Effects Added!
- Added 'Login as Guest' button
- Added a new Title Screen Graphic and Effects
- Added a new Skills and Magic System
- Added new Battle Backgrounds

Game Balances:
- Changed some item prices
- Added an exp limit per level
- Increased experience earned on snow rats
- Now dead players in battle no longer receive exp and gold
- Increased experience earned on big spiders
- Balanced some enemies exp and gold
- Increased White Leaf's Healing power from 15 to 70

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