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Trisaster Corp. We add a new chapter with the name Trisaster Corp. The Trisaster Corp. will be a complex in futur-stile. This is the story of the Trisaster Corp.

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This corporation was created in the year 1926, 8 years after the end of the first world war.
In that corporation are peoples from America, Russia, Great Britian, Germany, and other big countries.
In the second world war with Adolf Hitler the corporation tried to end the war.
But they had no chance...
The Wehrmacht have killed many members of Trisaster.
1945 at the end of the war Trisaster invited 1200 new members.
1957 an new base was builded in America. This is now the biggest base of Trisaster.
In the years 1970 to 2000 Trisaster researches for new weapon to beat the terrorists.
The Black Mesa incident was uninteresting for the corporation.
But that was a mistake.
2013 the corporation learns the consequences.
The Combines attacked a little base from Trisaster in Russia.
235 members died on that day.
2015 the Combine attacked the big base in Germany but the Combines have lost.
On that day the Combines know that Trisaster is dangerous for the Combines.
And now they found the base in America...


The English isn't that great (but I'm guessing it's not your first language, so that's OK).

Your facts are a little messed up: the Black Mesa incident didn't occur in 1998, it occurred sometime between 2000 and 2009. I'm assuming, of course, that that's what you meant when you said the corporation was researching a new weapon until 1998. Even if you did get that messed up, it's obviously not that big a deal anyway. Just thought I'd point it out.

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B14ckph03n1x Author

The Black Mesa Incident is in the year 2000.
1998 is wrong thats write I'm sorry for that mistake.
I will correct it!

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