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TripleA stable version has been released, July 23rd, 2011. Besides fixing all known bugs, this adds many new features and greatly improves the AIs, especially 'Moore AI'. New games/maps are added, including the one pictured here (Pact of Steel 2).

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TripleA Stable has been released (July 23rd, 2011)

Maps were updated on July 9th 2011, so please redownload your maps if you haven't already (especially any ww2v3 style maps) (repairing and some techs won't work unless you redownload your maps)

Changes from to
* All known bugs in are fixed.
* Major improvements to the AIs, especially to Moore AI.
* A new AI added, Dynamix, which is land only for now, but still being worked on.
* 4 new maps added, now TripleA comes with 11 games.
* More help for new users, including tool tips for unit stats and abilities.
* Massive expansion in the options and customizing of games. Many new options which allow modders to make their own board games, and their own rules and gameplay.
* Partial support for Axis and Allies 1940 games. Pacific 1940 is 80% done, while Global is 40% done. This is still being worked on of course.


I should mention that Revised, Spring 1942, and the 50th Anniversary Edition look beautiful on this release! Come give TripleA a try....

For those of you who do not know, TripleA is a game engine for playing A&A and similar games online, both for Live games and PBEM. It also has single player against 3 different AIs, and Hotseat mode. There are regularly 20-60 people in the online lobby, and lots more people play custom games and really big maps by PBEM.

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