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Three scenarios, three maps each, starting with the number three. Can things get any sillier?

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As we march on with the Mac porting quest, today's menu involves three mapsets starting with the number 3. Even better, each of them has exactly three maps! How funny is that?

3 Levels of Hell is a First Encounter scenario created by RickC14. The three maps are all reasonably large and not quite as intense on enemies as many other mapsets. There's even a reference to the almighty Burger somewhere in there, although you probably won't spot it without looking at the map top-down. All in all, an OK effort.

RickC14. Write him at rickc14 (at) if you think the address is still working by some miracle.

Now for 3 Levels of Hello 2.0. OK, hear me out when I say this release does *not* comprise souped-up versions of maps from 3 Levels of Hell. The floors are entirely new: small, compact and symmetrical, you could call them a mini version of Laz Rojas mapping, especially since they're much heavier on enemies now too. The release also comes with a backstory: you're a captured Allied operative who must break out of interrogation rooms and make his way through a power plant before reaching the barracks and facing Gen. Musencracker, the local boss. Go crack him then.

RickC14 again.

3levelshell 1

Download 3 Levels of Hell

3 Levels of Hell

Download version 2.0

3 Levels of Hell 2.0

We finish with 3 Second encounter levels, which is three levels for the Second Encounter made by GregoryC24. Strange how similar these names look like. The floors are fairly interesting, featuring both rather large, open areas and tight corridors, with German enemies sprinkled liberally throughout. According to the readme, the scenario gradually increases in difficulty and culminates in fighting every boss in the fame on the final map. Sounds scary? Nah, we're Mac wolfers, we fight worse than that almost every day!


3secondenc 1

3 Second encounter levels

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