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Today I introduce Triforce Kings. In this article i will explain my current stance on the mod, describe really what it is, and how i plan to move forward with it.

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This mod was Started Around May 12th as a little experiment in my spare time. I had intended to wait until all of the provinces had been added to the map before releasing any version of this mod, however, with the summer ending life is about to pick back up and development of the mod will likely slow. To keep me motivated i am releasing an early version of the mod for people to play around with while i continue the mod. However, as this is early access, there are some things to take note of:

Everything is owned by Nintendo: Everything in this mod is the property of Nintendo and i don't claim to have invented anything you see in this mod. I intend to credit the rightful owners of the properties you see as you play. I have also used elements of the Zelda series that originated in studios outside Nintendo like Namco, Capcom, and Koei Tecmo. I mean the best of respect to all of these companies for the work they have done on such a large franchise. I have also been trying to avoid using any fan art (beyond those that i have created myself) and if i have accidentally used anyone else's content please tell me and i can have it removed. I don't want to end up stealing someone else's work.

Nothing in this mod is final: In fact, the vast majority of content in this mod will likely be replaced as i become more skilled in CK2 Modding and therefore much of what appears on the screen will be merely a placeholder for the final product.

This mod is Buggy: Though i am working hard to fix any bugs and crashes that may occur, i am still rather new at this and therefore will probably miss some of the obvious bugs that may occur. If anything happens I ask that you comment it so i can do what i can.

This Mod is not Lore Friendly: While it's true that i intend to pull together as much zelda lore as possible to put together a realistic LOZ world, I am not going to rely solely on the Hyrule Historia Timeline. LOZ has much more content than what most fans are aware of. There are games, books, comics, a television series, ETC. And that is not to mention the fact that there is country specific releases of Zelda media that is never translated and therefore unknown outside of specific pockets of the Zelda community. So, even though i am Monolingual, i would like to gather as much Zelda lore from all licensed Zelda content regardless of canonicity to create the most fleshed out Zelda world I can.

I am not looking for volunteers ... Yet: while i do greatly appreciate tips, recommendations, and alerts of bugs, this mod is in now way complete enough for me to take on any volunteers as of now. Perhaps down the road when all of the provinces are done and the mod actually starts to feel like a Zelda mod i will take on some help. But for now, i would like to get something complete out there and spend some time learning the engine and improving my own ability to mod.

And that's about it. Have Fun ;)

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