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Tricky Tracks will be based on HEROES rather than just characters! We want our troop to be special and unique. Not only visually, also how you play them. This makes the game a hero-based Hide & Seek game and we are excited to go this direction. Introducing Sarah & Adam

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You know we want to involve all of you as much as we can into the development of Tricky Tracks. So today we present our ideas for the planned Skill/Hero system.

What does that mean?
We want our characters to be special and unique. Not only visually but also how (and maybe even where) you play them. This makes Tricky Tracks a hero-based Hide And Seek game and we are very excited to go this direction. Every Hero will have their own pros and cons and in addition to that, special abilities on their "home-map".

Let's start with Sarah and Adam, located in the Industrial map. Our idea was that these two are "allrounder" Heroes to get an easy start into the game. Here is an overview of our ideas so far. Feel free to share your ideas and comments on our Discord (

Hero Sheet: Sarah and Adam

Here are some additional impressions of the Home-Map the two are located in.

The Industrial Map:

Industrial Map Impressions 02

Industrial Map Impressions 06

Industrial Map Impressions 08

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