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What I've been working on to make it easier to select units and targets when in combat.

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Been working on battle reporting lately. When a Pokian swings an axe, throws a spear, causes damage or gets attacked the event is recorded. Information about each hit can be found by hovering over the actions in the query panel. Damage to weapons and clothing durability are also recorded.

20150516 QueryCombat

To go with this, I made some combat mode improvements to how unit and target selection work. You can now also specify which Pokians you want to choose to move, even if there are multiple standing on the same tile. Right-click the name to de-select that Pokian.

20150520 CombatSelect

Then when you click on a hex with possible targets, a pop up appears allowing you to select which animal to attack

20150520 CombatTarget

It's also more obvious when you've entered Combat Mode now. Battle music will start playing and the UI changes colour. I've also made some menus and panels auto-close when switching between modes to keep things clean.

20150520 CombatUI.png

Some other improvements to combat:

  • AI improvements. When you select a target for your Pokians to attack, they will keep attacking it until they are too weak, even if you exit Combat Mode. Previously if you exited Combat Mode while they were still fighting, they would run away immediately.
  • All animals now have natural slash, blunt and pierce protections, so some weapons are more effective against certain animals
  • All animals now have a body, not just bipedal animals (means front paws can be damaged separately from the head for example)
  • Damage is not fixed anymore, instead it varies around a base level. This is to overcome the 20 pierce defense clothing providing immunity from the 20 pierce attack weapon problem

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