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With 48 hours to go, Trial by Viking has been successfully funded on KickStarter, and will be coming to a digital game store near you.

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Trial by Viking has has reached 100% of it's funding goal, and a stretch goal has been added to the campaign that would add a secret third ending and extra boss battle if reached. There is still 48 hours left in the campaign, with about $1,725 left to raise in order to pass the stretch goal.

This nears the end of a 30 day campaign in which the project got Staff Pick on KickStarter, greenlit on Steam, confirmed for XBox One, and a Best of Pax Prime pick by TechRaptor. Trial by Viking will be coming to digital game stores in February of 2016.

Trial by Viking on KickStarter

About Trial by Viking

Trial by Viking is an epic action adventure game filled with dungeon exploration, mad dashes, and axe wielding combat in the dark worlds of the Norse gods. Fans of games like Rogue Legacy, Super Mario Brothers Wii/U, Metroidvanias, and Super Meat Boy should feel right at home.

There are 130 hand crafted levels that range from frantic mad dashes, to dungeon exploring treasure hunts. With over 80 unique enemies, 27 intense boss battles, and countless challenge and puzzle elements, there will be a lot to discover. Luckily you will also be able to collect powerful character upgrades along the way to help you battle ever tougher foes, as well as unlock new unexplored areas.

"With an incredible variety of combat abilities, equippable weapons, abilities, and passives, the game will both empower and challenge the ever-loving crap out of you. This is a compelling universe with fantastic art, music, and tons of content that’s not to be missed." - Seattle Indies Expo jury

You can currently pre-order, find more info about, and see game footage of Trial by Viking on the game's KickStarter campaign page.


Release Date: February 2016
Platforms: Win/Mac/Lin/Xbox One/iOS/Android/More
Press info: presskit

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