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TremNS2, an NS2 mod that features Tremulous alike gameplay is featued in the NS2 Mod Tournement in March of 2017.

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TremNS2 is a Natural Selection 2 mod based off Tremulous which is an open sourced, free (GPL) FPS semi-RTS Alien vs Human fast paced shooter game. Because Tremulous is dying after over a decade's worth of 24/7 games, Tremulous is still somewhat alive today but is mostly limited to one server. This mod is to basically advertise the gameplay of Tremulous and test the potential of the creator of this mod, potentially, make a full Tremulous mod port over into the Spark engine probably becoming another standalone successor to Tremulous as Unvanquished and Murnatan are. But who knows, the creator don't really have that ability and man power right now.

Anyway off to the actual videos, see the gameplay videos recorded during the tournement, see the attached videos tab on this mod page or use the embedded videos below:

If you want to join the tournament as a merc (substitute) then join the MMM Discord

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