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Please take a moment to read this and if you wish to disagree or comment about it feel free to do so.

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I have been doing translations for some time with the intention of creating All-in-one English versions for our community that have also been made as bug free as possible. The translations are for people who want to use the mod themselves without waiting for me to mess around doing the other bits. Please talk to me before adding my translation work to other projects.

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laresgod - - 115 comments

perfectly understandable and logical statement. It's your work, you want to know at least what is done with it.

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Lito.LV - - 528 comments

Understandable. It is your work...

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TheRealFloki - - 304 comments

I'm 100% with you.

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D.M.E Author
D.M.E - - 4,445 comments

Thanks for the support fella's, It's kinda funny you saying that Lito because the SGM 2.0/ 2.0GEO,2.1 and 2.2 all use the SGM 1.7 as a base which you were on of the team for. However the thing is your credited with the rest of the team for this in the read me, People using it and either not crediting or refusing to is not fair. You know how much work goes into it aswell, And when you add up to 8 new areas with all the associated quests etc thats a lot of work. I easily spent a good 50 + hours extending that translation on my own.

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Lito.LV - - 528 comments

Yes I was translating it, but I will admit I did maybe 40% of the work. (and even that was mighty large pain in the ***) I can't imagine doing it all myself as you are now... Utmost respect for your work.

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