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The Train Level got massive so I had to split it in three parts. I explain why and how I will do that.

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Hey everyone. Rooftops 2 is still developing! As you may know, currently I am focused on the Train level, the fourth level of the campaign.

Everything was going great untill I met a limit error. The train feature required me to use a large number of scripted objects. There is a limit for scripted objects/models in COD4 and it looks like I hit it! Anyway, the nature of the level is very suitable for splitting because it is apparted from multiple sequences in different places. Which means that in some parts the screen will fade to black and you will be teleported in a different skybox without being able to view or access the previous area.

So splitting the level in multiple parts actually helps me organise them better instead of having all of those sequences in one map and one script. They will all however be one level consisted by three parts. Think of original COD games like MW3.
The "Mind The Gap" level in London has 2 parts:

  1. One in the docks and while you chase the train.
  2. And the other where you fight in the Westminster Station.

They did that probably for the same reasons. So, in my case, it's natural to do something like that.

Alright, the map parts will be like this:

  1. Train Boarding and Train Fight.
  3. Train Bridge.

That's all for now, wish me good luck and have a nice day!


Good Luck.

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keep up the great work spi

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