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Discover Bob's variable and unique world, get to know his story and support him to reach his goal which is non other than finding his ultimate peace. Be a part of the cycle in which death and reborning are present countless times almost at the same time.

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Bob: A thousand lives, is a dark themed platformer-action game, in which we control Bob, an abandoned boy, through his adventure. Along many challenges, Bob must overcome his biggest task, he must avoid his consuming past. His past materializes in an evil fog-creature which tries to disconnect him from the continuity in his timeline, preventing him from finding his eternal peace.

In Bob: A thousand lives the classic HARD and PRECISE TASKS platformer characteristics come to life, where our age's 'I'll do it for you' principles don't apply. DO NOT wait for help, DO NOT wait for guidance, YOU ARE ALONE!
You almost made it, didn't you? Do you feel that it is too difficult for you? Well...This is just the beginning. Try again!

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