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Yes ! Some news for your pleasure about the last changes ingame !

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Hi everyone,

Battlestar Galactica B&C have been released (2 web-episodes) and the Galactica have more cannons and it's a part of the news !


Phoenix website will be released soon. You will be able to follow us !

Your vessel is yours !

Yes ! When i was playing this mod, i've been thinking : Why we can't name our ships ? Yes, it's the Galactica but 4 Galactica in a map...It's, strange isn't it ?

So we decided to remove thoose names on the galactica and others ships class because you will be able to add yourself your names by buying letters in the build menu.
You're the commander and you decide for the ships names !

New Maps ! maps and i think that it's important. A lot of maps weren't working at all ! Or some, in the Campaign, weren't playable (Example : Caprica from the Galactica decomission mission)
But our maps created for Stargate will be added too .

Shader 2.75

Our team will add to this mod the new shader effect created for Stargate Space Conflict with Amon RĂ¢, Creative Director.

New UI

Yes, everyone here know that the Homeworld default UI is..."special"
Now, the Stargate Space Conflict UI will be added to BSG but with some colors differents.
Also, the script in BSG mod allows us to put random loading screens and random quotes so we can put quotes from the series, same for Stargate & Mass Effect !


awesome! looking forward to naming my own ships and that new shader

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naming my own ship....i like it!!! BSG-21 battlestar whoop a** on station :D

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