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We've made you a trailer of the beta plus hereby some short term plans for the next few days.

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Hereby an overview of the short term plans and a trailer of the beta for you to enjoy.


  • Improve world loading (streaming!). Have the server only send chuncks that are close by. Fixing this will make way larger worlds possible.


  • Check Internet Explorer

New features

  • Patcher
    • A patcher for the standalone versions of the game (Mac & Windows). This'll also work for the dedicated server as that's integrated in the client.
  • Character
    • Character viewer
    • Character editor: Customize your character
    • Characters:
    • Change UV layout for easier custom skins
    • Animations: Run,(jump?), MakePhoto
  • Forum
    • Integrate it with user registration & login. Bah PhpBB doesnt seem to be a good option so I'm probably going for phorum
  • Blueprints
    • Create blueprints of pieces of a level.
    • You need a high enough Architect level/Blueprint skill for certain sizes.
    • Server settings: blueprintAllowed
  • Server building rights
    • Everyone per default. Unless useBuildersList is on, then it uses the builderlist to check who is allowed to build.


  • ShareIt; await comment about usage of free email addresses. If this is a problem we might need to look to other payment providers such as FastSpring, Avangate, ... ?
NullSoldier - - 973 comments

Clearly you took the idea of minecraft, but I'm impressed and happy to see that you've improved upon it heavily in your rendering engine, usability, and other places.

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NullSoldier - - 973 comments

I actually had to do a bit of research myself, Cubelands only started 4 months after Minecraft but it's obvious that you are significantly more talented than the Minecraft developer. This looks far more polished and well developed than Minecraft. I'm pretty happy to see more talented developers taking ideas which could be executed better and improving on them.

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xXMaNiAcXx - - 4,807 comments

Stop. "This looks far more polished and well developed than Minecraft.", this means that you don't have minecraft and judge games by its graphics.
Minecraft graphics are intentional and it runs in Java, now, there's no why comparing this rip-off to Minecraft, both are good games, but this one needs way more things before you can say something like this.

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theM3nace - - 331 comments

Exactly, I love minecraft precisely because of the graphics and the awesome retro feel. I mean, hell, who doesn't prefer the old Zelda games over "3d dot game heroes"?

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Kasplatt - - 412 comments

Well I don't know who taught you English, but it doesn't necessarily mean that he doesn't have MineCraft.. The main thing that differs this game from MineCraft is the graphics, and that's most likely due to the use of unity.

I do not, however, agree with Nullsoldier's point about who is more talented, as without unity they wouldn't even have these graphics, and without MineCraft the gameplay concept wouldn't really be there, and it would definitely not be looking like this. So in reality, what these guys are doing is, recreating MineCraft with more advanced graphics.
I do agree with him on that this is an improved version.

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NullSoldier - - 973 comments

I like how you took a single mention of rendering engine I made and completely focused on that. What you should have done is realize I was judging it on multiple decisions (as I clearly listed) and not just graphics. Though your probably too narrow-visioned to realize that.

Usability, the integration of social features, and the fact that they used Unity are all decisions a developer makes and reflects their ability to develop and lead a team.

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Kitsunami - - 121 comments

uh..judging by graphics is not a good way to go.

Fyi, minecraft's developer is being asked to join the Valve team after they saw his entry into the 'design a game in 24 hours' competition thiny. I think it was that, or 48. Either way, he made a fun game really, really quickly and did all the coding fast.

Either way they are BOTH good games made by talented dev teams. even if this does look like a minecraft rip =/

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Milch - - 37 comments

I hope you aren't serious:
"it's obvious that you are significantly more talented than the Minecraft developer"
Minecraft is completly coded by 1 guy and he code everything himself.
"Cubelands" is using Unitiy ( not an insult! )

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Atomic_Toaster - - 124 comments

minecraft - pixelized ,retro stuff = this

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Tharapita - - 235 comments

So could people stop complaining about 2 games being similar and just enjoy both?

I think it looks great so far.

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VirusxXx - - 216 comments

This looks just like minecraft with an improved graphics engine, and that equals AWESOMENES! Definetly gonna get it, looks awsome!

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coolestcats - - 55 comments

This is really nice, at first glance I though it was just a rip off but its much better than that.

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Nebcake - - 443 comments

Overall the game looks great.

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Elratauru - - 65 comments

This is really cool. Im gonna track this ;)

Keep the nice job ^^

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TheAll - - 13 comments

I brought minecraft because of all the hype but...I really don't see what the big deal is besides it's innovation. Other than that it's pretty boring. But an amazing feat no less to be done by 1 person. This game looks great! Even if it's as everyone says a "clone" I give them a hand for having something created!

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