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Toxic Sins Of An Empire Version 0.6.0 is now available to the public for testing. I hope you all enjoy and give me your opinions about the current state of the mod.

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Toxic Sins Of An Empire

Toxic Sins of an Empire Has Returned New Content!

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October 3rd, 2018

sound track copy

With version 0.7.0 being worked on it is time to announce the upcoming rework of all of the games sound.

We have two voice actors so far that will be helping us bring some new feelings to the game.

The first being Zane Sexton

You can check him out at:

and his soundcloud

The second being TimeLord259

You can find him here:

Now with the decision to spend time in the sound area we have also reached out to artists on youtube/soundcloud and many other places to put together the new soundtrack of Toxic Sins.

The first video clip is from an undisclosed source.

We offered the artist the choice to take credit or not to and they decided to stay in the shadows.

The second video clip is not from an undisclosed source.

We reached out to Derek Frost to get our hands on a amazing instrumental he released.

The original song belongs to Starset - Last To Fall but the remake was done by Derek Frost.

You can find his entire YouTube Channel Here:

Link to Original Upload:

Link to Derek Frosts Instagram:

Link to original Starset track:

Now that all the plugs are finished Toxic Sins Of An Empire Proudly Presents Our New Theme Song

^_^ Another special thanks to everyone who has helped this mod deliver what you all want ^_^

^_^ Much more to come we have just started ^_^

September 26th, 2018

Version 0.6.0 is finally in a position we feel good releasing it in.

This is only the start of the future updates but with the main goal of improving performance done we wanted to let all of you get your hands on the mod so we can get your opinions for the future.

Based on how the release is taken we will decide if the mod should be continued or if we should leave it in the current stable state for everyone to enjoy.

Change Log Version 0.6.0

Missile Performance Improvements
Changed Tech Engine Effects
HD Smoke Rework
HD Spark Rework

HD Tech Phase Jump Rework

HUD Interface Update Removed - Pending Rework
Increased Frame Rates On Low Spec Machines
Sins Of A Solar Empire Ultimate Edition Compatibility
Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion® - Outlaw Sectors™ DLC Compatibility
Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion - Stellar Phenomena® DLC Compatibility
Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion - Forbidden Worlds® DLC Compatibility
Fixed Tech Capital Ship Shock wave Glitch
Fixed Missile Impact Graphic Glitch
Fixed Close Up Missile Impact Frame Drops
Fixed Capital Ship Close Zoom Auto Cannon Shell Impact Graphic Glitch
Fixed Capital Ship Close Zoom Auto Cannon Shell Impact Frame Drops
Fixed Tech Capital Ships Exploding Repeatedly/Effect Loop

Small Quality Of Life Updates:
General Effect Down-scales - Increases Frame Rates
Ship Bump Option Maxed In Settings Now Longer Breaks Enhanced Graphic Effects

Please Give Us Your Feedback So We Can Update And Improve All Changes Brought In Version 0.6.0
From This Release On All Older Versions Are No Longer Supported

*** Fresh Install This Mod From Version 0.6.0 ***
We Understand This Is A Large File Size But It Is Required To Keep The Mod Stable
Releases After Version 0.6.0 Will Be Smaller Enhancements That You Can Patch The Mod With Instead Of A Large Download

Toxic Sins Of An Empire Version 0.6.0 Full Release

Please Remove All Older Version Of The Mod Before Installing This

Official Version 0.6.0 Launch Trailer/Promo

Toxic Sins Of An Empire Version 0.6.0

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