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So a few weeks ago I was saying a update was coming. Three days after that update our team got pulled again to another project. I am not going to say that Toxic Blood Media has been organized these past few months because we aren't. Now with yet another expansion to our amount of programmers we are able to work on TSE again. I sat down with a list of people last night talking about where we are with TSE and where we are going.

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Toxic Sins of an Empire Has Returned New Content!

Toxic Sins Of An Empire Rebirth

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Toxic Sins of an Empire Has Returned New Content!

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Version 0.5

Toxic Sins Of An Empire Version 0.5 Base Stable


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Version 0.5.1

The Official Sounds of Version 0.6


October 12th, 2015


People want updates.

The current position of the beta build is actually really broken.

When I say broken I mean we totally broke the game.

Pushing the limit of what the game can handle in massive fleet battles has always been our goal but wow.

Version 0.5.3 beta A3 has really been a challenge for us.

With the current situation it simply is not stable enough for a release.

I will show you what we mean in a moment but first.

We have been designing 3 new ship classes in the game.

Titan is big. Dread is bigger and Eclipse Class is the biggest.

We feel the game made "Super Weapons" but really.. they are not impressive.

So now we are making Super End Game Ships.

The type of thing you must destroy or suffer a slow and painful death.

300 ships vs An Eclipse Class is like waking up to breakfast in bed.

Now these ships deal out a mega amount of firepower and effects.

Hints the game crashes.

Now I already know what your going to ask next.


The answer to that is as soon as 1) We fix the Crashes. 2) We have one per class per race.

The reason we can not release them early is it would give a single race the ability to smash your face.

Totally broken if your fav race cant build one to.

Also who knew the Sins build menu has a scroll option now?

We found only having 6 squares limiting.

It had to change.

We want many many ship types and classes.

Not only six per tier.

Now some of you have seen this.

Some of you have not seen this.

I will have a updated one shortly but this basically in a nutshell is how our newest graphic enhancement looks.

If you think 0.5.2 Is Extreme.

Brace Yourself.

September 25th, 2015

Over the past weeks we have been working on more conversions from the outdated Version 0.3.3.

It has been a ongoing task to take what we like out of Version 0.3.3 and make it work in Version 0.5.

Only recently have we finally had it in a stable enough position to test it in game.

We are still experiencing FPS losses in major fleet battles but over all it is working nicely.

With a bit more polish we should be in a position to release it to the public for your enjoyment.

Well that's enough talking on my part take a look for yourself.

In times like these I like to show our new fans just how far this mod has come.

Back in April this year Toxic Sins of a Solar Empire Version 0.3 got released to the public.

When I look at the footage from 0.0.1 and compare it to Version 0.5.2 you can see the amount of improvement.

So far we have come and so far we have to go before this adventure is finished.

Thanks for all the support and suggestions over the months.

We are happy to deliver the extreme graphics this game deserves.

Toxic Sins of an Empire Graphic Promo Version 0.01 - Mod DB

September 7th, 2015

So as development progresses and we start to rip apart the ships we will have over the next few days the one thing that so far has limited or mod compared to other sins of a solar empire rebellion mods no new ships.

We have 6 models in development at the current time that we hope to get released in the near future.

Most of these models will not be shown to the public until the Version 0.6 trailer.

Now everyone loves to see some proof that we have indeed started with this project.

We understand that some mod's say they are but actually are not making models.

For months now even Toxic Sins Of An Empire has said new models but has not released any.

Well the fans ask and like normal the fans get.

This part of the project will not slow down the graphic update.

We have brought on enough people to manage both new ships and more extreme graphics at the same time.

September 6th, 2015

As many of you have already heard.

We have scrapped the previous graphic model of Toxic Sins Of An Empire.

From a management point of view Version 0.3 - Version 0.3.3 was a mess.

So much a mess that we considered discontinuing the mod all together.

Instead of flushing months of work down the drain and starting entirely over.

We have decided to take what we like and toss everything else.

Most of Version 0.3 was on 16 bit graphics.

This is not acceptable for what we are aiming for.

So we have begun remaking most of Version 0.3 with 32 bit graphics.

Now most of the fans are most likely confused by now thinking but 0.3.3 looked amazing.

Indeed it did look very good.

So good most didn't even know it was 16 bit graphics.

The fans have demanded bigger and better things from this mod.

As a mod team we are going to give them what they want and more.

For us to do that we had to remake a lot of things.

At first it was only going to be a graphic mod.

Now we are doing much much more.

Including working with the AI's and New ship models.

In order for us to deliver these amazing new features we want it to look amazing first.

After we have the graphics where we want them we can easily plug in new things into the game.

Before we are finished with this mod.. if we ever are it will look and feel like an expansion.

Take a look at the video below and for the first time see the real potential of this mod.

As it is already visible the amount of detail and changes we have been making.

September 5th, 2015

So a few weeks ago I was saying a update was coming.

Three days after that update our team got pulled again to another project.

I am not going to say that Toxic Blood Media has been organized these past few months because we aren't.

Now with yet another expansion to our amount of programmers we are able to work on TSE again.

I sat down with a list of people last night talking about where we are with TSE and where we are going.

Over looking a mod almost the size of the average FPS has been a challenge.

We are not just editing we have simply removed most of the original graphics from Sins.

The primary goal of TSE was to create a graphic environment first.

Now that this project is nearly finished our next goal is to bring ships into this amazing galaxy.

My first task was shifting almost 85% of the team into model design and concept.

The other 15% of our team is working on graphic polish.

Unlike some other mods we are aware of the progress of how things work redesigning an entire game.

You wont crash.

You wont get memory dumps.

You wont have these glitch issues you find in other mods.

The Iron Engine that SOSE runs on is very strong.

With the correct programming and design it can toss just about anything you want out of it.

Some of the previous feedback suggested we was taking the engine to far.

I assure you.

If you are lagging it is not the engine it is your computer processing all the explosions.

We have beta testers on just about every version of windows known to man and they don't crash on stables.

Our goal is very simple.

We want an extreme graphic environment stand alone build.

At that point we can start adding additional content knowing our graphics are not broken.

With that said I am also going to address another problem.

Currently to download our mod it takes a very long time.

887 Mb download on this website takes some time.

So instead of doing entire fresh releases and zipping it all up.

We are starting a patch system.

One that you download only the changed updated files without breaking the mod.

We are going to try that and see how it goes.

In other news.

We have been in contact with the developer of Titanic Titans.

Potentially in the future we might be working together.

This epic train is far from over.

The entire team has set a goal so high that before we are done it will look like an Unofficial Sins Of A Solar Empire Expansion.

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